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Part 2 Of Capcom's Daigo Umehara Interview Is Up

14 Jun 2011

If you’re at all familiar with the current fighting scene, or rather, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition scene, then you’ve undoubtedly have heard of Daigo Umehara, AKA “The Beast.” Considered nearly unbeatable by many players, and constantly studied by the likes of Sirlin, a properly translated interview with Daigo is quite rare and really changes your perspective on American Vs. Japanese play styles and mentalities. Possible best known for this moment at EVO 2004, Capcom got the chance to interview him, and of course remind us that Street Fighter III: Third Strike will soon be arriving on XBL and PSN.

Part 2

and, of course, if you haven’t already read it:

Part 1

Daigo recently (and unsurprisingly) took 1st place at this years ‘ReveLAtions 2011’ event.