Hands On With Gotham City Imposters

Gotham City Imposters is far from what anybody would think of when they here the words “Batman Videogame”. The game, developed by Monolith Productions is a team based first person shooter set in the Batman universe. There are two groups going at each other, the Bats and the Jokerz. Playing as either side, players will be able to customize their character with costumes, gadgets and weapon load outs. Of course right now you’re probably asking yourself “OK I’ve seen team based FPS games before. Why is this one different?” I got a chance to check out the game this week and see just what exactly is going on with Gotham City Imposters.

This week I got a chance to squeeze into a session of Gotham City Imposters. I was playing as a character on the Jokerz side of the conflict and we were thrown into a game play type that would be compatible to Capture the Flag. The idea was to locate a batter to power a transmitter and once active, the transmitter would send out a signal that would somewhat impair other players for a short period of time. It looked like the option was there to customize a character, but I chose to jump right into the game. Player’s will have the chance to customize their body, weapons, gear and modifiers. Games can consist of up to 12 players at once.

One thing that I found unique was the grapple hook. Each character gets one and can use it to travel vertically or horizontally across the levels. At one point one of the Bats even grappled me for a kill! Something else that should be noted is that this isn’t a game that doesn’t take itself seriously. The whole premise is a bunch of guys and girls dressing up like Batman and Clowns to begin with anyway right? Across the level I played in were several trampolines which (as you could guess) when jumped on would give you a nice amount of height that can be used to jump up to higher levels.  I also noticed ramps around the level and recall certain characters having roller blades so it’s probably safe to assume that those two would go together quite nicely.

Overall I was impressed with Gotham City Imposters. Initially I wasn’t quite sure what to think, just as many other gamers were. However after getting some hands on with it, it did feel like a fairly solid team based game with some nice elements in it.

The game will be available on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and PC sometime next year.