3DS Gets Virtual Console Update; Tons Of New Titles

Plenty of news for owners of the 3DS console at this year’s E3. Not only is it going to highly integrate with the WiiU, but it seems to be getting it’s own online platforms, much like the original Wii. Users can soon look forward to their very own virtual console, and to prove how seamless this experience is going to be, Excitebike 3d is being offered for free to all users.

A big focus was Starfox64 3d. This game has been begging for a remaster for the longest time, so fans of furry Arwing pilots can finally get their fix once again, and now online. During the online play it appears you can choose between either using one of the stock Starfox characters, or actually enabling your 3ds’ camera and microphone, putting your face on the screen and in the cockpit as you compete (or cooperate) with other players online. Even more exciting is that Nintendo seems to be listening to their fans – You can play how you want. Touch screen? Motion tilt? Old school buttons? Many times during the conference it was promised that the decision would be left up to the player, allowing “you” to customize “your” experience, further implying how the 3DS is going to be part of the upcoming WiiU experience.

Also announced was Kid Icarus Uprising. Another title that fans have been clamoring for. I was personally skeptical at first, but the game play videos lead me to believe that this game is a hybrid of many other genres and games I have loved in the past. The flying portions bring me back to Panzer Dragoon, while the ground fighting mechanics really remind me of games like Bayonetta, or Vanquish. Kid Icarus Uprising definitely looks promising, at least from the little we’ve seen. Keep your eyes out for it.

Finally, the last huge announcement for the 3DS was Super Mario. Almost 2.5D in style (while on a 3D display), it appears to mix mechanics from both Super Mario 3 and Super Mario 64, going even as far as including the sorely missed Tanuki suit. Not much more was mentioned about the game – Entirely a teaser trailer. Rest assured, however, as more news surfaces we will keep you up to date!

Oh yeah, one last thing – Hear about upcoming Smash Bros.? The 3DS version and the WiiU version apparently are going to have cross-platform capabilities. Whether or not that meant game play has not been specified, but the potential is certainly exciting.

More 3DS title announcements after the break.

Upcoming 3DS titles:

Luigi’s Mansion 2

Resident Evil: Mercenaries

Mario and Sonic At The Olympics Games 2

Tetris Online

Ace Combat

Cave Story 3d

Resident Evil: Revelations

Driver Renegade

Tekken 3D

MGS Snake Eater 3d

… Oh yeah, and a meta-game alternate reality Pokedex is being offered for free in the online shop. Nintendo is coming out hard with the 3DS offerings, and this upcoming console generation is definitely going to be a unique one. As a gamer that purchases all consoles, I can not wait to see what happens!