Sony Introduces A PlayStation Branded 3D Monitor

At a surprising price point of 499.99, Sony revealed the new Playstation 3d Monitor, and Playstation 3d Glasses. The monitor is a mere 24″, and includes Resistance 3, one pair of glasses, and an HDMI cable. Additional pairs of PS3 3d glasses are set to retail at 69.99.

A bit hefty for a 24″ monitor, but the exciting announcement about this product is not the screen itself, but the way it works with your Playstation 3. Eliminating split-screen gaming, each player wearing a pair of glasses will see their own perspective of game play on the entire surface of the monitor. This is perhaps one of the more exciting uses for 3d glasses announced – There has always been the complaint that letter boxing game play is detrimental to the experience. Now you can get your real life social gaming on, and still have an entire screen to yourself. So long as you have enough glasses to go around.