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eShop, Web Browser And More Hitting 3DS June 6th

3 Jun 2011

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After somewhat of a delay from the May launch window promised by Nintendo, the major system update for the Nintendo 3DS is finally arriving on Monday, June 6th.

Along with bug fixes and behind-the-scenes updates, the update makes the long-awaited Nintendo eShop and Web browser available. Nintendo DSi/XL owners will also be able to transfer their existing DSiWare titles to their Nintendo 3DS. Possibly as compensation for the delay, Nintendo is offering some free downloads for a limited time – Pokedex 3D and 3D Classics: Excitebike – with the launch of the eShop.

Full details on the changes after the jump!

The June 6 system update for the 3DS includes:

• The 3DS Web Browser, which supports displaying 3D images from the internet on websites which offer them.

• 2 free downloads available until July 7th: Pokedex 3D and 3D Classics: Excitebike.

• the launch of the Nintendo eShop – initially featuring the first few Virtual Console titles, all from the Game Boy: Alleyway, Super Mario Land, and Radar Mission. The Virtual Console is slated to include games from other portable  system in the future, such as the Sega Game Gear.

• The System Transfer service, which allows owners of the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL to transfer their DSiWare titles to their 3DS system. Certain titles may be excluded or incompatible.