Job Adjustments and Refinements

The next version update will include adjustments and refinements for jobs. Zanshin appears that it will start to have more of a use, Corsairs will finally get that bonus effect when rolling an XI and Skillchains will now lower resistance to their corresponding element for a short time.

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  • The next version update is scheduled to feature the following job adjustments:
    • White Mage
      • The effect duration of the job ability Divine Caress will be increased from 1 minute to 3 minutes.
    • Thief
      • Effect range for the job abilities Accomplice and Collaborator will be expanded.
    • Paladin
      • The effect for the job ability Cover will be partially modified.
      • The job ability Shield Bash will grant a damage bonus based on the type of shield used.
      • The job ability Divine Emblem will grant a damage bonus based on the player’s divine magic skill.
    • Samurai
      • A new job ability that readies its target for a skillchain will be added.
      • The effectiveness of the job trait Store TP will increase at level 90 instead of 91.
      • The job abilities Hasso and Seigan will be refined as follows:
        • Hasso
          • Hasso will now occasionally trigger Zanshin even after landing a normal attack.
        • Seigan
          • The likelihood that Seigan will cause Third Eye to counter an anticipated attack will be augmented with a bonus based upon the player’s Zanshin attack rate.
    • Ninja
      • The job abilities Innin and Yonin will no longer share the same recast timer.
    • Blue Mage
      • While the job ability Azure Lore is in effect, it will be possible to perform skillchains and magic bursts with blue magic.
    • Corsair
      • A bonus effect will activate when the total value of a Phantom Roll is XI.
  • Additional Adjustments
    • During the window of time in which players may perform magic bursts after a skillchain, the target’s resistance to the skillchain’s corresponding element or elements will be decreased.
      Ex. 1) When a Transfixion skillchain is successfully executed: Transfixion is aligned to the element light, so the target enemy’s resistance to light-based spells would decrease.
      Ex. 2) When a Light skillchain is successfully executed: Light is aligned to the elements of fire, wind, lightning, and light, so the target enemy’s resistance to spells based on any of those elements would decrease.

*We are in the process of devising a roadmap for subsequent job adjustments, which we plan to unveil in the near future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.