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Konami Pre-E3 Show Later Today!

2 Jun 2011

Later today (5:00pm PST), Konami will have its first annual pre-e3 show!

Konami will be releasing news, never-before-seen game trailers and exclusive interviews. There will also be live viewing events where people can gather to watch all of the announcements.

“The annual E3 show is the world’s marquee video game conference and trade show event that draws a critical mass of gaming enthusiasts from all over the globe,” said Shinji Hirano, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. “This year, we want to build buzz ahead of E3 by hosting our own Pre-E3 show that will tie the viewing party attendees from each city with online viewers through Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.”

The event will be simulcast exclusively on several major online sites and broadcast outlets around the world. Konami will also host the stream and updates on