Dev Tracker For The Week of 5/22/11

This week the Dev Tracker picks up comments about Mythic weapons, macro icons, and more! We also get more details on the “saved atma sets” that were teased long ago on the topics Q&A.

We’re also looking for volunteers to do a weekly recap of the posts that appear up on the Dev Tracker (AKA Dev Tracker posts). We’re also looking for someone with some experience in audio. Our wish is to have a quick, weekly news recap (Topics and Dev Tracker) to have played on Gamer Escape Radio. If you are interested in volunteering please throw an email to [email protected] listing any experience you have with the topics mentioned above.

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Please add skill ups to campaign sessions

Comparatively, this type of adjustment is rather high on the difficulty scale. The development team can’t make any promises at the moment, but they did mention that they will look into this further.

Add icons to macro buttons?

Currently the development team is hard at work looking into adjustments for mouse and keyboard controls for the Windows version UI. This is a higher priority for them at the moment, but if they have an opportunity in the future to revamp the entire GUI, they will look into it at that time.

[To Dev] Augmented gear and Tatters

After checking with the development team, they mentioned that they would like to address this when they expand on Einherjar. They would first like to address adjustments to salvage and Nyzul, so it will take a bit of time until they get to it though. They apologize for the wait.

ATTN: Developers – A Polite Request regarding Mythic Weapons

Currently the development team is not looking at adjusting the amount of alexandrite needed, nor are they looking into increasing the methods by which alexandrite can be obtained. However, they will be making improvements and adjustments in order to rejuvenate salvage, assault, and other Treasures of Aht Urghan content.

In the Name of all that’s [Holy], Let us Zone with Pets!

We asked the development team about the possibility of changing areas without pets de-spawning. Unfortunately, they mentioned that they do not currently have any plans for this, mainly due to the fact that at a system level it is not possible (wyverns, however, are a special case). Also, since the Beastmaster’s “Call Beast” ability consumes an item on use, it is favorable for game balance to keep it this way.

Will there be additional Abyssea type zones?

It’s awesome to hear that so many of you are enjoying all of the current Abyssea content and are craving more!

We spoke to the development team about whether new Abyssea zones would be added, but they said that they currently do not have any plans of doing so. No need to fret though, as there is still a ton of great content on the way as outlined in the road map!

Character Reactivation Service……When?

We apologize for the long wait. We are still finishing up some world merge related work and as long as there are no problems, the service will be re-opened this week or next. Keep an eye on PlayOnline news for information regarding this. Thanks so much for your patience!

Known Issues: New Atma Menu “Delayed” again?! /sulk More info if any if you PLEASE!

Judging from both the tally of players who chose option #2, as well as taking all of your feedback into account, the development team has decided to go with option #2. Just to give you all a bit more insight into what the development team has planned:

• Will add a feature that will remember the last 12 atmas used

As mentioned above this seemed to be the popular choice and the development team decided to proceed with this option based on that. This will allow players to view a list of the 12 most recently used atmas, but please note that due to technical barriers it will not be possible to rearrange the order of this list.

• The current feature to infuse yourself with the last atmas used will remain

There were a few concerns about whether this would stay or not and we just wanted to inform you that we have no plans of removing this feature.

• Separately looking into the possibility of adding a feature where you can maintain the use of two or three atmas without needing to talk to the Atma Infusionist.

Though we can’t promise that this will happen just yet, we are trying our best to implement something along the lines of this.

As always, moving forward with these changes if you have any suggestions or ideas that you feel strongly about please let us know and we will do our best to communicate them to the development team!