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Square Enix Revealing New MMO "Sometime This Year"

25 May 2011

During a recent financial meeting, Square Enix President Yoichi Wada announced that the company is working on a big MMO in addition to the more recent Final Fantasy XIV. Wada stated “I think we will reveal it sometime this year”.

Also mentioned in their financial report, Square Enix has plans to “Revitalize our major MMO titles”. We know that the company is hard at work getting Final Fantasy XIV back up to the standards that it should have met with its September launch, however, no word on what the plans are for revitalizing Final Fantasy XI other than the roadmap released earlier this year.

We know that Square Enix has been working with Ankama games to publish Wakfu, however that’s already public knowledge. I think one of the bigger questions on people’s minds right now is whether or not this new MMO is going to be something completely original, or whether or not it will use an existing IP. Final Fantasy has been in the MMO spotlight for awhile now and with two titles out it would seem unlikely that this new game would have Final Fantasy in its title. Let the rumors of a Dragon Quest, Mana, Chrono, or Kingdom Hearts MMO commence!