Patch 0.305 – Blood on the Sand… Glass

WAKFU beckons you to explore the newest Dungeon Arcades made available in the World of Twelve. This is one community challenge the Sacrier and Xelor disciples will surely not want to miss!

Discover what other surprises await in Version 0.305!

Character Classes


  • General: Ability Points for classes have been reset.



  • General: Class has been added to the game.



  • General: Class has been added to the game.



  • Jackpot: No longer dependant on line-of-sight; hits three tiles in a triangle formation and upon the player drawing two identical markers, the targets’ lock decrease.
  • Double or Quits: Damage has been increased and Critical Hit has been modified. Upon a Critical Hit, the spell now has a 50-50 chance of awarding 3 Action Points to the caster.
  • Shi-Fu-Miaow: Damage has been increased; reach has been decreased. Upon a Critical Hit, the Ecaflip is sure to inflict damage.
  • Three Cards: Cost has been decreased; effect of the “Queen” card has been modified – now reduces target’s resistance. Critical Hit now allows landing one of two positive cards every time.
  • Rough tongue: Damage has been increased.
  • Fleabag: Can now be cast on allies; now lowers Water damage resistance..
  • Fleabitten: Spell now draws a line of fleas on the ground that damages anyone who walks on it.
  • Flea Love: Range has been modified from 1 to 5; the flea is now only recalled upon its host being hit.
  • Claw Attack: Cost has been decreased; damage has been adjusted.
  • Claws of Ceangal: Cost has been decreased; damage has been adjusted.
  • Hunter: Cost has been modified to mainly utilize Movement Points.
  • Eca Bite: Cost has been decreased; damage has been adjusted.
  • Up to Scratch: Cost has been decreased; damage has been adjusted.
  • Petrification: Cost has been decreased; increased probability of applying state.
  • Rabies: Lasting one round, the Ecaflip now boosts his Critical Hit rate for every Air spell cast.
  • Lord of the Fleas: Spell replaced by “Feline Leap.”
  • Cat Tree: Bonuses of range or damage are no longer granted. Instead, for every successful dodge, the Ecaflip is healed based on a percent of the damage the enemy should have inflicted.




  • Updated costs for class Specialties.
  • Rascalry: Costs change to 2 Action Points + 1 Movement Point with a range of 2-4.
  • Deadly Nightspade: Costs change to 3 Action Points + 1 Movement Point with a range of 1-3.
  • Mine Mover: Costs change to 1 Action Point + 2 Movement Points.
  • Shovel Shaker: Costs change from 5 Action Points to 5 Movement Points while in Phorzerker form.
  • Shady Shovel: Costs changes from 5 Action Points to 5 Movement Points + 1 Wakfu Point while receiving a damage boost while in Phorzerker form.
  • Smacker: Cost changes from 4 Action Points to 5 Movement Points while receiving a damage adjustment while in Phorzerker form.
  • Prime of Life: Requirements have been modified – now accessible at level 0.
  • Mass Clumsiness: Requirements have been modified – now accessible at level 0; added dodge bonus.
  • Tax: No longer spawns loot.
  • Purge: Chances to transform a small bag into a larger bag have been increased.
  • Excavation: Allows the Drheller to find and eat a larva in order to heal himself.
  • Firedamp Explosion: Costs have been modified to utilize 4 Action Points.
  • The Motivated: State is now “Power” state.
  • Hot Magma: Costs modified to 6 Action Points + 1 Wakfu Point.



  • Balance: To better facilitate player progression, the following monsters have been revised:
    • Wild Boars: Level of difficultly has been adjusted
    • Moogrr: Level of difficultly has been adjusted.
    • Moofly: Level of difficultly has been adjusted.
    • Moskito: Level of difficultly has been adjusted.
    • Snoofles: No longer appears wild in the ecosystem.
    • Additional monsters have had their level adjusted.
  • Distribution: In order to balance the progression between Amakna and Bonta, certain monsters have been redistributed.
    • New types of groups and assortment by monsters families.



  • Velocity Gauge has been reworked:
    • Bonuses are brought by fighters. And so, every character class and monster family has a particular velocity bonus.
    • Bonuses are common to every fighter. The first to reach a velocity level will be able to choose among the complete list, the next will have to do with the rest.
    • Some monsters can also bring penalties, like the War Leader whose velocity penalties will inflict a loss of 40 Life Points.  So, be careful not to be the last to pick up in the list, otherwise you would have to suffer the penalties that nobody wanted!



General Content

  • Headquarters: The following have been added to each nation headquarters for use by Government officials.
    • Board Room
    • Village Hall
    • Torture Chamber
  • Sewers: Addition of interlinking sewers connects beginner zones to the rest of the continent and allows bypassing of the markets.



  • New “Arcade” Dungeons
    • Allow players to compete in a ladder system. The best fighters among all nations will receive their name and a statue at the dungeons’ entrance.
    • There are two types of arcade dungeons:
      • Time Attack: The goal is to complete the dungeon as quickly as possible.
      • Survival: The goal is to stay alive as long as possible while fighting off waves of monsters.
    • Animated doors convey the dungeon’s level of difficulty via the number of eyes present.
  • 4 Arcade Googoo dungeons are now available within both Amakna and Bonta.
    • Rushu Rush Piwi – Novice (Time attack)
    • Rushu Rush Piwi – Battle-Hardened (Time attack)
    • Rushu Rush Piwi – Mythic (Time attack)
    • Shustuft Crust: Crazy Googoos – (Survival)
  • 1 Arcade Crazy Tofu dungeon (Survival) has been made available.
    • Crusty Road
    • Holy Golden Water
  • 1 Arcade Crazy Gobball dungeon (Survival) has been made available.
    • Sewers




  • Destination choices offered by Catskill have been made clearer, allowing additional details of each available nation to be given.




  • Embassies have been established within the central part of Asturb, providing a neutral area for members of all nations to congregate.
  • Resting Fields have been entirely redesigned.
  • The Googoo dungeon has become the “Hoola Hoopiwi” dungeon.
  • “Destiny’s Home” dungeon has been added.




  • A bridge now now links Fertile Prairie to Hugo Bello’s Meadow
  • A bridge now links Hugo Bello’s Meadow to Farle’s Fields.
  • The Puddly are now ecosystem monsters and are present within the Singing Fields.
  • Three mines have been added.
    • Minim Mine
    • Snotto Grotto
    • Shay Mine
  • Master Hiboule is now called Master Pigmy.
  • Hadibal Toot now has a newfound interest in balancing Crows, and therefore now gives a bonus to those who respect his intentions.
  • Alibert’s bonuses (Emelka) have been reduced.
  • Some Wild Plants have appeared in Farle’s Field.
  • Smares have disappeared from the Pecky Plantation.
  • A new quick access route to Amakna’s harbor has been established.




  • Gnarled Barklee’s Forest and Obelo’s Meadow has been expanded.
  • Three mines have been added.
    • Aku Cave
    • Kandee Mine
    • Craft Mine
  • Tofus are now breeding in Gnarled Barklee’s Forest.
  • Larvae and Dhrellers have disappeared from Kara and Winds Villages. In their stead, you will find Bliblis and Smares.
  • Gobballs have seized the dungeon from the Bliblis and moved the entrance to the associated trapper zone.





  • Implemented feedback regarding the loss and gain of Citizenship Points.
  • The Radial Menu now informs you if your considered action will break a law.



  • The Treasurer’s role has been expanded:
    • Ability to transfer Kamas between Clan Members.
    • Can dedicate tax money into budgets used by other portions of the government for challenges, environmental efforts, weather changes, etc.
      • If the budgets deplete, government officials won’t be able to purchase bonuses and will therefore have to negotiate with their Treasurer.
  • New market laws implemented.
    • Barter – It is forbidden to offer or accept a trade with a citizen of your own nation.
    • Import-Export – It is forbidden to offer or accept a trade with a foreigner.
    • Collaboration – It is forbidden to offer or accept a trade with a criminal.
    • Laws about ecosystem protection have been balanced.
  • Poaching and Eco-Terrorism now cost 10 Law Points in order to activate (formerly 3), but violators will now lose 10 Citizenship Points (formerly 3).
    • Species protection will have to be taken very seriously.
  • Modification to replanting species.
    • When a species is endangered within a particular zone, the Ecologist may pay the Clan Member to obtain seeds (cuttings/etc.) and thus rebalance the affected resource.
  • New Governor Popularity Rating System implemented.
    • Within the Government interface, it is now possible to view a gauge that displays the popularity rating of the current governor.
    • Only players who voted during the previous election may cast their opinion on the current Governor. All citizens may access the popularity rating gauge regardless, however.
    • If the rating is very high, a statue will be erected in honor of the Governor and his works in the nation’s capitol.
    • If he becomes too unpopular, the governor will be removed from office and new elections will begin!
  • Announcements from the Head Guard and General
    • The Head Guard and General may now write announcements to the public via the Politics tab, in similar fashion to the Governor.
  • Addition of Government Channels
    • Private Chat: Members of the government will now have access to a dedicated private chat channel which allows them to better communicate and coordinate.
    • Public Chat: There will now be a special Local Chat channel in which government representatives can be easily distinguished while addressing their nation due to its unique gold font color.
  • Costs of Weather Bonuses have been decreased in order to improve their utility in-game.
    • Description text has been simplified for greater clarity.





  • New crafting recipes have been added to create craft machines for your Haven Bags.
    • It is now possible to craft in you Haven Bag
  • New level 55-100 Cabinet Maker crafting recipes for special decorations have become available.
    • 10 Crafting machines for the craft room of the Haven Bag
    • 5 decoration items for the Garden room.
    • 5 decoration items for the Trade room.
  • Balancing of several recipes.
  • Players’ opinions about resources being over or underused were taken in account.
    • Keep giving us you feedback on this! We take it into account as we continue to refine the crafting system.
  • The crafting queue feature has been temporarily disabled while being reworked.



  • Pumpkins are now growing in Cania Plains to allow the crafting of gunpowder.



  • Blibli set level reworked
    • In order to match resource family changes
    • Higher level items
    • Balanced bonuses
  • Buk Set level reworked
    • In order to match resource family changes
    • Higher level items
    • Balanced bonuses
  • Smare set level reworked
    • In order to match resource family changes
    • Higher level items
    • Balanced bonuses


Important: If you are wearing an item you no longer meet the requirements for, the equipment piece will become red but stay equipped. Until manually removed, you will no longer benefit from its protection.

Haven Bag

  • Arrival of the Craft Haven-Gem!
  • It is now possible to produce crafting machines, which are required in order to produce items while inside your Heaven Bag.
    • Items made from within a Craft Room do not give experience points.
    • Only recipes level 1-50 can be carried out through these crafting machines.
      • Advanced machines to be implemented later.
  • Addition of decorations for trading rooms and gardens.
    • Sales notices, cashiers, fountains and other indoor ornaments!




  • Clan Member management screens have been redesigned.
  • Profession management screens have been redesigned.
  • Dungeons and mines located within the beginning zones are now automatically marked on the World Map.



  • New waterfall and river sounds.
  • Atmosphere added for the Shustuft Crust dungeon.
  • General mixing of the game atmosphere.
  • Integration of Asturb Bridge music.
  • Sound bites for the Ecaflip added.
  • Sound bites for the Enutrof added.
  • Sound bites for the Drheller and Enutrof’s invocations added.
  • Phorzerkers sounds added.
  • Iop sound mixing.
  • Eniripsa sound improvement.
  • Sadida sound improvement.
  • Mixing of generic character noises.
  • Sound bites for King Jelix added.
  • Sound mixing improvement for both Amakna and Bonta’s monsters.
  • Goal sound feedback (achievements, etc.) added.
  • Politics/Citizenship feedback added.
  • Feedback for the Shustuft Crust Dungeon added.
  • Feedback for Challenges added.



  • Drawing water from a water pump or well is now animated.
  • Graphic options panel reworked.
  • Level of Combat Details graphic option added.
    • High Quality: Default (current) setting, other fights are visible.
    • Medium Quality: Fights are still made visible and are animated; however particle effects are disabled.
    • Low Quality: Combat and its fighters are replaced with a sword icon.
  • Numerous client improvements have been carried out.



Bug Fixes

  • The mini map stays hidden after combat if it was previously disabled.
  • A Phorzeker should no longer become immobilized while he still has Action and Movement Points.
  • Fix of the criminality effects when entering an enemy nation.
  • Initiating spectator mode through a moving monster no longer freezes the client.
  • The area of effect for the Ecaflip‘s Flea Market is now correctly displayed every time.
  • The burying animation of the Drheller’s (excavation spell) is no longer interrupted upon being moved.
  • The fight is automatically unlocked when somebody shouts for help.
  • A chat notification is added when combat is started in locked mode.
  • Your nation’s laws no longer apply when not in your home territory.