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Sagasinger- FFXI's First Player Obtainable Aura Weapon

21 May 2011

Yesterday a post made it up on the Dev Tracker showing off an item introduced during the May Major Version Update: The Sagasinger.

This item, which is obtainable from the Arch Dynamis Lord is the first obtainable weapon in the game that has an aura effect. It’s no secret that the GM’s have been in possession of aura emitting weapons since the games origin but never before has that effect been passed on to players.

Looking at the video we can see that the aura effect doesn’t activate until the weapon is drawn which leaves me with the question of “will we ever see animated weapons?”. I’m not asking for anything too complex, but one of the things I’ve always felt that would be cool is if the blades on the Terpsichore would trifurcate when it was drawn instead of just always being opened up.

Do you want to see more weapons with an aura effect? Perhaps some subtle animations like the one I mentioned above? Leave your thoughts in our forums!