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Dev Tracker For The Week of 5/15/11

21 May 2011

As Square Enix continues their efforts to breathe new life into the older aspects of Vana’diel they also keep mentioning changes to things that have long plagued adventurers.

This week the Dev Tracker picks up talk about Dynamis Maps, Level 4 Skillchains, issues with distance and losing TP and more!

We’re also looking for volunteers to do a weekly recap of the posts that appear up on the Dev Tracker. We’re looking for people to do a write-up much like the one you’re about to read as well as someone who has some experience with audio. Our wish is to have a quick, weekly news recap (topics and dev tracker) to have played on Gamer Escape Radio. If you are interested in volunteering please throw an email to [email protected] listing any experience you have with the topics mentioned above.

Check out the full list of posts after the jump!

Mog House Homepoint set via inside mog house
Because setting your HP directly outside your Mog House just isn’t enough…

After checking with the development team on the possibility of making adjustments so that you can set your home point in your Mog House manually, they replied that due to the fact that this is tied to a very early system in the game, it would be quite difficult to implement.

Remove the 5 minute timer on the kindred seals drop

From a balance perspective, making any adjustments to the amount of seals dropped or removing time limitations would have to be dealt with extremely delicately, mainly due to the fact that these seals are used in certain quests as well as other battlefields. Any change to the amount in circulation would ultimately result in a reduction in item value. To avoid this, we are thinking about making it possible to exchange seals and will be looking into specific exchange rates and rules. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any developments.

Dynamis Maps
Sounds like we’ll finally be able to find our groups in Beaucedine after we come back from an AFK.

Hello! There have been a few comments related to checking time within Dynamis, as well as difficulties arising when trying to meet up with your fellow party members due to a lack of maps.

We are currently examining ways to display the remaining time in Dynamis. Due to the fact that the remaining time is managed server side and packets are not continuously sent client side, it’s not currently possible to check your remaining time. In order to check this it would be necessary to interact with the server by performing some action similar to the healing method in Abyssea. Taking into consideration the content of Dynamis itself (constant battles, longer battles, etc.), we felt that it would be difficult to use a feature that required player action to display the time. Due to this we are heading towards creating a way to automatically announce your time remaining.

As for maps, we are also looking into the possibility of displaying maps while in Dynamis. Currently, no maps exist for these areas, we would like to create them.

Server-side /shouts
You may be able to zone without worrying about missing the noobs arguing in /shout.

Though we need to do some more testing, and we are not sure whether it would be possible yet, we are looking into the possibility of making/displaying shouts throughout multiple areas.

To be a bit more specific, we will be looking into grouping certain areas server side so that a shout from one of the areas in that group will be heard from each of the other areas.

For example:
If Ru’Lude Gardens/Upper Jeuno/Lower Jeuno/Port Jeuno were to be grouped together, making a shout in Ru’Lude would be heard in the other areas (Upper Jeuno/Lower Jeuno/Port Jeuno). However, this would ultimately quadruple the server load, so we will definitely need to pay close attention to this.

Level 4 skillchain
Because its about damn time we got Cosmic Elucidation!

We brought your feedback about level 4 skill chains to the development team and they responded that you are all a bunch of Tenzen wannabes. Okay, so maybe they didn’t really say that at all. They did however say that this is an awesome idea and would like to look into this for the future. Currently they are planning adjustments to the current skill chains to go along with the level cap increase to 99. After this takes place they will look in to the possibility, but keep in mind that skill chains are something that is related to every job and careful attention needs to given, even more so than individual job adjustments.

What’s the logic behind losing cruor buff when you DC and you don’t lose atma buffs?
A question that even Spock makes a WTF face at.

If you are getting bummed from connection issues that leave you high and dry without those mind and muscle boosting cruor enhancements when you return, have no fear! The development team is planning to make adjustments so that these are not lost even if you get disconnected. However, since this type of system change requires a good deal of time to test out and verify, it will be taking place in a future version update.

Developers, SquareEnix: What are the REAL chances of us seeing NEW areas?
Who wants to tell them they could have made new areas for the content to accompany the level cap raise?

New areas are definitely in high demand and the development team is well aware of this. For the year ahead of us, the development team’s main focus is on raising the level cap to 99, the adjustments surrounding this, as well as the addition of content to go along with it. Due to this, the development team does not have any immediate plans to implement new areas; however, they would like to try their best to do so going forward.

WS distance or “Where did my TP go?”
Add this to the “it’s about time” list.

You’ll be happy to know that the development team is currently looking into ways to fix the issue where all your TP is lost when you are unable to fire off a weapon skill due to being too far away.

Known Issues: New Atma Menu “Delayed” again?! /sulk More info if any if you PLEASE!

As announced, you will be able to select an option to infuse yourself with the atmas that you last used. However, this is only a temporary solution and the development team is working on other ways to select atmas with increased speed. They are currently looking into the below two options:

1. Ability to voluntarily create up to 3 atma sets
2. Creation of a list of the most recent 12 atmas used

Which would you all prefer to see implemented?

New storyline quests for jobs
New storyline would be awesome!.. and they’re not implementing it right now.

We discussed your ideas with the development team, however, this will require quite a bit of manpower and will not be possible right away.

New Weapon Types and the Jobs that could use them
Does this mean we can get a full expansion? Or that the Dev team simply doesn’t do anything that’s “difficult”?

Unfortunately due to the fact that it would take approximately the same amount of manpower to create these new weapon classes as it would to create a full expansion pack, the development team determined it is pretty difficult to do this. Apologies