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Dev Tracker For The Week Of 5/15/11

21 May 2011

Dev Tracker

With the recent Producer’s Letter, the Dev Tracker has lit up with mentions of Ifrit Battles, Mount systems that include Chocobos and many other additions that have been added to the development list. However, there has been some other activity this week.

Check out this week’s posts after the jump.

Letting Crafters add Comments or Signatures to Their Finished Goods

Putting aside my hilarious comment from yesterday, we did make an inquiry about this! The dev. team liked the idea, and know it’s a popular one for many reasons (such as those listed in this thread), and they do want to implement it. However, items currently place a huge load on the server, especially the Market server, so this isn’t something that can be implemented immediately. Once server-related issues are resolved, which plans are in motion to do, we can start working on implementing signatures, etc.

Sorry that it’s not a technical breakdown of what the exact programming-related issue is, but hopefully we’ll continue to get good ideas for future additions, regardless of any current technical hurdles (that are being addressed).

Speech Bubbles – Thoughts?

We heard back regarding the possibility of implementing speech bubbles as a chat tool. The team let us know that there are no plans to use speech bubbles in the game, but that they are working to improve the chat windows, and chat system, so if you have any feedback I’d be happy to pass it along. (I don’t think this thread works for those kind of suggestions, so perhaps a new one?)

Please let us mark NON leve monsters
And maybe add an assist mark command while you’re at it…

Back to the original topic (crazy, I know!) can you give me some more examples on how you’d like to use the enemy signs outside of levequests/behests? I know there was some in the other linked thread, but would love to get some more! The dev. team does want more players to utilize the enemy signs and are curious to hear more ways you’d like to use ’em!