Introducing Player Achievements!

Today we’re excited to announce that Player Achievements are making the move from Pet Food Alpha to FFXI Escape!

We’re still hard at work on our Radio site and while we’re not ready to make the switch for episodes just yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t start to include the FFXI Escape community in our programming.

For those that are unfamiliar with the Player Achievements, it’s a segment on our weekly Pet Food Alpha podcast that gives everyone the opportunity to brag about their accomplishments for the week. Finish an Empyrean weapon? Finally completed a set of Empyrean +2? Or maybe you finally beat your mom at Ballista. Whatever it is, we give you the chance to post about it!

Each week on Pet Food Alpha we’ll go through the forum thread and read off our favorites on air! All you have to do is post! And who doesn’t like bragging and increasing their e-peen? The thread for Player Achievements will be created every Friday and a notification will be posted on the front page.

*When posting in the Player Achievement thread please refrain from discussing other member’s achievements. Only post your achievements. Please also refrain from multiple posts. This lets us go through the thread easily to read your accomplishments