Ask the Devs #2 – Developer Answers

The team is proud to present the answers to the second “Ask the DevsQuestions & Answers feature! We have the answers to your burning questions regarding everything WAKFU in this North American community exclusive!

During the week of 4/22 – 4/29, we hosted the first portion of our second “Ask the Devs” community feature.

In honor of Earth Day, a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment, you brought up many great topics and questions about WAKFU‘s ecosystem and other related game functions. Below, you’ll find the selected questions which were graciously answered by:

Tonio, Game Designer

1.   Question by TedTheWolf

If players have to create Kamas themselves then it will take a while for money to start circulating. And if everyone has the potential to create everything then the potential demand for items is lower. What are you guys (the developer) going to do to ensure that every server has a good, working economy and that players actually want to trade with each other? (View Post)

Answer:  This question is rather complex and calls for different answers:

  • Remember that WAKFU’s world was devastated (following the Ogrest Chaos). Thus, it appears normal to transcribe this in game, via an economy that needs time to build itself, with in particular the progressive arrival of Kamas in the world. 
  • Indeed, all players can do all jobs, but it takes time and the sacrifice of quite many resources in order to create items. And so it will be very difficult for a player (and above all very long) to do all jobs, and it is far more effective to be specialized in order to distinguish yourself and get the most powerful items. Moreover, every nation having few specific resources, trade (import/export) will be essential to get all the items of the game.


2.   Question by daemonlordjames

I am also curious if there will be other nations besides Bonta, Amakna, and Brakmar. I noticed that Astrub gives the look of a four-way bridge path, so if there will be another nation, what will it be called or what idea will it be centered around? (View Post)

Answer: Indeed, the geography of Astrub suggests the arrival of a fourth nation. We suggest you explore a bit more, which should give you clues about the identity of the coming nation… :)


3.   Question by Epicdark

Will there be equipment that has a SPELL Leveled Requirement? (E.C. Top Stuff- Requirements- level 12, fire spells level 12. (View Post)

Answer: Well, we are going to add more equipment conditions to wear some clothes, but it won’t be in this form. Forcing players to increase a spell sounds as if an item was made for one class only, and even to certain builds. It is really restrictive. On the other hand, we are going to use Wakfu / Stasis, as well as Citizenship Points (as already the case for the soldiers’ uniform, for example).


4.   Question by mythee-dono

Are the five factions (ex.: Ogrest’s Cult, etc.) going to come into play somehow? (View Post)

Answer:  Yes we are going to integrate them, but it will be later. We want to give a great importance to factions, and above all make a link between them and politics. And yet, as you know, we are still integrating things about the politics core system. But as soon as the politics are well set (and above all tested by you, the players), we will integrate the factions via a big feature.


5.   Question by MagicGuardian

There has been alot of talk about if WAKFU servers can hold a large player base. It’s only beta now and In Amakna it’s hard not to get hit with lag. One can only think when open beta hits then the release. With more players, makes even more lag. My question! Is there anything being done to servers to hold more players? Also is there anything being done about the lag that comes with it. (View Post)

Answer:  The French beta currently counts far more simultaneous players and we remain satisfied of the results. But improvements are planned in order to improve the comfort of the players.


 6.   Question by Alcoholocaust

While players can fight for territory and that should encompass a lot of this play, is there a system in development to give greater context or goals to that struggle (ie; “why is it important to be doing this?”)? (View Post)

Answer:  I will just begin with reminding the 3 main goals of the game WAKFU:

  • Global Aim: to discover the origin of the cataclysm and rebuild the world. Following Ogrest Chaos, the world was thown upside down — nature is unbalanced, the economy is fallow, houses have fallen into decay, etc. Players have thus to give back sense to this world in distress, and avoid a new Ogrest Chaos.
  • National Aim: to develop your nation. Every player belongs to a nation and has to contribute to its development. His involvement is symbolized by his Citizenship gauge. And the more he will help to develop his nation, the more he will take advantage of it personally.
  • Personal Aim: to make your character evolve. Every player embodies an avatar that will be able to increase its level (during combat), learn jobs and make them progress, or even develop his social aspect (with guilds, trade or politics). Hence, it is up to everyone to choose his way, whether it is warlike, criminal or even political.


Thus, your question mainly refers to the second aim, i.e. the development of your nation, and above all, the conquest of territories (nation vs. nation). It is important to know that owning a territory brings many advantages:

  • A bonus given by the Clan Member, which applies to all the members of the nation.
  • Unique resources or monsters (only in Maya-Bay can you find Kralamours).
  • The possibility to impose your laws and your rules there.
  • Challenges for the members of the nation.
  • Access to specific advantages (crafts machines with special recipes, a climate always mild, a specific dungeon).


Owning a territory therefore helps to develop your nation, but also reaching personal blossoming of the players which constitute it. War is not the only solution though: a good diplomacy will allow the sealing of alliances and benefiting from advantages of the other nations. However, we are also thinking about making a bridge between wars between nation and the global aim of the game, by giving them extra keys for the rebuilding and their investigation about the cataclysm that devastated the world. 


7.   Question by Rurichan

Are there any plans to tone down the reproduction rate of certain species *Cough*Goballs*Cough*Tofu*Cough* to make it easier to keep them in the desired population rates? If the idea is for players to mostly have control/responsibility for the environment, it seems a bit odd that these species repopulate themselves so efficiently that it becomes hard to deal with their overpopulation. (View Post)

Answer:   The fact that the reproduction rate is currently high on these species is intended. They are to be found in the first areas of the game, and we think it is important to “absorb” the numerous combat encounters that beginners naturally do. We need to avoid a situation where players would not find monsters to fight to gain XP in the beginning of the game. Real challenges in the ecosystem field (the avoidance of a resource going instinct, for instance) need to come progressively, while players get to know the game better.

When WAKFU has greater longevity and a more dispersed level-base throughout the numberous environments, we may lower this because we won’t need this security measure any longer. Furthermore, we’re considering additional rule sets like lowering reproduction rate of certain species if there are already enough monsters in their respective zone. But this is just an idea we are studying, as it implies precise game designing related decisions and technical development.

Nevertheless, it is important for us that players have to manage the ecosystem, and that the latter tends to naturally get unbalanced. Without that, players wouldn’t have anything to do and could just lay back and relax. There would be no challenge any more! Getting to master one’s environment to meet Clan Members expectancies is one of the game goals.


8.   Question by Xander-is-Kander

May we have a haven gem for storing animals threatened by extinction similar to how we have the garden gem for keeping plants? People call it a zoo gem.
(View Post)

Answer:  The great return of the question about the Breeding Haven-Gem… So yes we have many ideas about it. But it is too soon to talk about it, and this kind of addition requires a great amount of work — we don’t want to botch the feature by integrating only few gadgets.


9.   Question by Reivd

Is there going to be more end game content? What else can we do besides fighting other nations?(View Post)

Answer:  I send you back to my previous answers that explained the aims of the game. For us, what will give life to the game on the long run also relies on the development of politics within the different nations. Not only the fights between them.

We don’t want either the game’s lifetime relying only on the content that we integrate as developers (equipment, monsters, dungeons, etc.), but rather on all the choices and possibilities that the players will have, as well as their influence on the world!


10.  Question by Golby

What are the design intents of the current XP system? How many spells are players intended to manage leveling at once, and what is the intended ‘ideal’ number of spell levels in the system to one character level? Since SXP gains are relative to character level vs. monster level, are we intended to completely neglect some spells that are left weak through our entire career until very late in the game? (View Post)

Answer:  Yes, the goal of our system is to offer varied “builds” of characters an advantage, so that one class can be played in different ways. The notion of freedom is important for us, but the one of choice too; we want the players to have the feeling that they develop a character and choose its guidance. That’s why it’s impossible for a player to develop all spells in the meantime; he will have to make choices!

To answer your question more precisely, the ideal build of character would be: between 3 and 6 elementary spells (belonging to 2 different elementary branches) and about 3 to 5 development specialties via skill points.

We also are going to try to discourage players from doing single-spell leveling and single-element playing, by making this kind of build a bit less powerful and flexible than a more diversified build!

In closing, we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in this event and we hope to see you around the forums and in-game!

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