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Coming Soon: The Sacrier's Blood

17 May 2011

Empty eyes, tattoos all over their body and a wild desire to spill their own blood in honor of their Goddess: the Sacriers are getting ready to “Chrage the World of Twelve“!

Here and now, discover the gameplay of these new Berserkers.

Sacriers are characters of action but who can be subtle. The Sacrier recklessly commits into battles and the saying “what does not kill you makes you stronger” could not be truer than in his case.

The Chrage

Chrage is the Sacrier’s class main mechanic. It consists in a fury gauge which naturally decreases on each turn but which increases when the Sacrier suffers damage!

This mechanic supposes a gameplay without any down time for the Sacrier, because any fall of Chrage implies for him weaker damage inflicted. Indeed, Chrage reinforces some spells and is even compulsory to cast others.


Fire Elemental Spells

The Fire branch is the branch of pain and blood. And so it is the branch which boosts the Chrage gauge by excellence.

Blood for Blood: The Sacrier hits his enemy but harms himself too during the attack.

Blood cage: A powerful area spell which decreases the adverse Chrage and increases the Chrage generated by the Sacrier but prevents him from being healed.

Sanguinary Fury: A  spell that becomes more and more powerful during a round every time it hits, if the Sacrier changes his target, but which is also more and more painful.

Punishment: A powerful fire spell but which harms the Sacrier too. It applies the Chrager state to the Sacrier. It is more effective if his enemy’s percentage of life points remaining is higher than his.

Burning Blood: The Sacrier is set ablaze, damaging the area around him (and suffering damage too) while dishing out the “Scalded” state and applying the “Burning” state to himself as well. During this round, all the targets in “Scalded” state beginning their round on contact with the Sacrier suffer damage (a serious burn) and lose their “Scalded” state.

Earth Elemental Spells

The Earth branch is the branch which consumes the most chrage. It is made almost exclusively of spells that need a certain level of Chrage to be executed or that even consume Chrage themselves.

Rocky Foot: The Sacrier concentrates up to 10% of his Chrage (if he has some) in his right leg and makes it as strong as rock before hitting his target with it.

Bowlcracking Hit: The Sacrier thumps his enemy having concentrated his Chrage in his head. At least 30% of his Chrage is necessary to be able to use this attack.

Lethal Sling: The Sacrier puts his hand on the ground and, thanks to his Chrage and his tattoo, roots up a rock and throws it to his enemies. The more Chrage he has, the further he can throw it.

Colonnades: The Sacrier concentrates his Chrage in his foot and he strikes the ground with all his strength, which makes rocky columns coming out from the ground that are more painful when the target is near them.

Smash: The Scarier concentrates his Chrage in his head and hits with it, then in his fist and strikes with it too, before finally transferring the Chrage into his leg and ending his enemy with it. This attack consumes 80% of Chrage but it hurts so much!


Air Elemental Spells

The Air branch is the placement and tattoos branch. This is the most tactical one which allows the Sacrier to place himself, his allies or enemies in a position that gives him an advantage. Air spells are rather neutral in comparison to Chrage. They mainly allow Sacris to find the right place and move fast to catch hits.

Repelling Tattoo: The Sacrier hits his target with his tattoos and pushes it back one square.

Grabbing Tattooed Fist: The Sacrier grabs his target with his tattoos and throws himself towards it in order to strike it.

Assault: The Sacrier exchanges his place with his target’s one, inflicting it damage on the way.

Attracting Tattooed Fist: The Sacrier throws his tattoos to his target in order to bring it back to him, or actually to his other fist.

Dazzling Speed: The Scarier moves faster than air and seems to be in several places at a time to strike his targets. Actually, he is already in their backs, on the opposite side from where he has just attacked.

Class Specialties

Attraction: This spell allows the Sacrier to attract an ally or enemy to him.

Sacrifice: This spell allows the Sacrier to take hits instead of one of his ally during 1 round. Every time the Sacrifice target suffers damage, they exchange their place.

Transposition: This spell allows the Sacrier to exchange his position with an ally or an enemy without any line of sight needed.

Kill: This spell allows the Sacrier to get back some Chrage spent on the current round if he strikes a target to death.

Transport Sickness: Inflicts the “Transport sickness” state to the target, who will suffer damage every time it will be teleported by an effect.

Near death (Passive): This spell makes the Sacrier stronger when he gets closer to death.

Death refuse (Passive): If the Sacrier is fatally injured, there is a probability he refuses to die: he stays alive and suffers all the attacks without flinching but his next round will be his last.

Blood pact (Passive): A blood pact links the Sacrier and his allies, the Sacrier Goddess gives him life points for each ally he has to protect; on the other hand, if the ally dies, the Sacrier suffers important damage for having failed to the blood pact.

Adrenaline (Passive): Determines the percentage of Chrage that the Sacrier disposes of at the beginning of the battle.

Power (Passive): If the Sacrier begins his round with a 100% Chrage, he earns damage bonuses.

Disclaimer: Names used within this article are subject to change without notice.