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The Version Update Has Arrived!

9 May 2011

Adventurers of Vana’diel, take heed: the May version update has gone live! With the first installment of the new Voidwatch battle system, a new set of battlefields, and the expanded solo training feature, Grounds of Valor, this update is sure to offer hair-raising challenges for one and all!

And that’s only the beginning! A revamped Dynamis, new and improved adventuring fellows, along with a host of job adjustments and other refinements promise to breathe new life into existing content as well.

Check out all the details after the jump!


  • [dev1007] Introducing th new content “Voidwatch“! See here for more details.
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  • [dev1011] Introducing the new content “Grounds of Valor
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  • [dev1000] Dynamis Revisions
  • [dev1005] Fellow Adjustments
  • A new Rendezvous Point has been added to Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-10)
  • The number of Magian trials that can be undertaken simultaneously has been increased from five to ten.
  • To conserve system resources, synergy furnaces have been removed from Upper Jeuno.
  • The following adjustments have been made to the quest “Mama Mia.”
    • The NPC Mamaulabion will now inform you of the items delivered thus far.
    • Players may now reinitiate the quest by speaking to Mamaulabion without the “Evoker’s Ring” item among their possessions.
  • Certain teleporters located in the Shrine of Ru’Avitau will now send players to a fixed location.
  • [dev1003] Abyssea Adjustments
  • New Abyssea support NPCs have been added to the following areas:
    • Gilburt, Ivan Port San d’Oria (I-8)
    • Erich, Ernst Port Bastok (K-11)
    • Jerrett, Kierron Heavens Tower, Windurst
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  • [dev1010] Job Adjustments
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    Click image for larger version  Name:	versionup0510_06_EN.jpg Views:	0 Size:	19.4 KB ID:	160
  • The effects of the following job abilities have been adjusted: Divine Caress / Saboteur / Spur / Tenuto / Mana Cede / Efflux / Striking Flourish / Perpetuance / Immanence
  • The following job traits and attributes will see their maximum level of effectiveness adjusted by equipment, magic, and/or job abilities. Critical Hit Rate / Critical Hit Damage / Beast Killer / Plantoid Killer / Vermin Killer / Lizard Killer / Bird Killer / Amorph Killer / Aquan Killer / Undead Killer / Arcana Killer / Demon Killer / Dragon Killer / Fast Cast / Kick Attacks / Skillchain Bonus / Conserve MP / Magic Burst Bonus / Snap Shot / Recycle / Ninja Tool Expertise
  • [dev1014] New Battlefields
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  • [dev1009] New Trigger Conditions for Notorious Monsters
  • [dev1012] Revamped Monster Placement
  • The level restriction has been abolished for the quest battlefield “Return to the Depths.”
  • The NM “Almighty Apkallu” will appear more easily.
  • The amount of time it takes for the NM “Yilbegan” to despawn due to excessive distance from the player has been extended.
  • The Abyssea-Attohwa NM Rahu has been renamed Svarbhanu.


  • Several new synthesis recipes have been added.
  • [dev1013] Synergy Augments
  • Several new synergy recipes have been added. With these recipes, it will be possible to add augments to existing equipment items.
    See here for more details.
  • Additional equipment items obtainable with Imperial Standing have been added, along with new attachments obtainable as rewards for completing the ENM quest “Pulling the Strings.”
  • The Goblin firework vendor NPCs Kindlix and Pyropox have set up shop in Port Jeuno (J-7).
  • [dev1001] The following items can now be kept in stacks of 12. Glavoid Shell / 2Leaf Chloris Bud / Helm of Briareus / Carabosse’s Gem / Fistule Discharge / Kukulkan’s Fang / Chukwa’s Egg / Mananangal’s Necklet / Marvin’s Pelage / Chasmic Stinger / Raskovnik Vine / Bakka’s Wing / Cuelebre’s Horn / Mictlantecuhtli’s Habit / Keesha’s Pamama / Mikey’s Nugget / Balaur Skull / Lieje Lantern / Itzpapalotl’s Scale / Ulhuadshi’s Fang / Sobek’s Skin / Cirein-Croin’s Lantern / Bukhis’s Wing / Sedna’s Tusk / Manigordo Tusk
  • The following items have had their enchantment effect recast times shortened to 1 hour. Snow Bunny Hat / Snow Bunny Hat +1 / Chocobo Beret / Kingdom Stables Collar / Republic Stables Medal / Federation Stables Scarf / Ducal Guard Ring / Holla Ring / Dem Ring / Mea Ring / Vahzl Ring / Yhoat Ring / Altep Ring / Mandragora Beret / Stars Cap / Laurel Crown / Rabbit Belt / Worm Belt / Mandragora Belt / Homing Ring / Return Ring / Jugner Ring / Pashhow Ring / Meriphataud Ring / Gyokuto Obi / Drover’s Belt / Detonator Belt / Goblin Belt / Kingdom Earring / Republic Earring / Federation Earring / Duchy Earring / Selbina Earring / Mhaura Earring / Rabao Earring / Kazham Earring / Norg Earring / Safehold Earring / Empire Earring / Nashmau Earring / Pullus Torque / Warp Cudgel / Trick Staff II / Treat Staff II / Kitty Rod
  • The following items have had their enchantment effect recast times shortened to 20 hours. Custom Gilet +1 / Custom Top +1 / Magna Gilet +1 / Magna Top +1 / Wonder Maillot +1 / Wonder Top +1 / Savage Top +1 / Elder Gilet +1 / Tidal Talisman / Nexus Cape / Moogle Cap / Nomad Cap
  • NPC vendors will now buy and sell the following items at reduced prices: Cracker / Twinkle Shower / Little Comet / Konron Hassen / Kongou Inaho / Meifu Goma / Airborne / Popstar / Brilliant Snow / Sparkling Hand / Air Rider / Ouka Ranman / Papillion
  • The following items can now be entrusted to the care of the Porter Moogle: Trainee’s Spectacles / Trainee Axe / Trainee Hammer / Trainee Burin / Trainee Scissors / Trainee’s Needle / Trainee Gloves / Trainee Sword / Trainee Knife / Poele Classique / Kanonenofen / Pot Topper / Gyokuto Obi / Ark Angel HM Statue / Ark Angel EV Statue / Ark Angel TT Statue / Ark Angel MR Statue / Ark Angel GK Statue
  • [dev1002] Delivery System Adjustments
    Review the list of undeliverable items.
  • The potency of the “Automaton: Regain” effect granted by the hand-to-hand weapon “Burattinaios” has been adjusted.
  • The cap on physical damage sustainable with the sword “Burtgang” equipped has been increased.
  • The cap on magic damage sustainable with the shield “Aegis” equipped has been increased.
  • The “Smart Grenade” item is no longer exclusive.
  • The graphics and icon for the great swords “Kardia Faussar” and “Kardia Faussar +1” have been changed.
  • The footgear “Ace’s Sabatons” has been renamed “Ace’s Leggings.”
  • Help messages for the following Magian trial items have been adjusted:
    *Their effects remain unchanged. Agni’s Staff +2 (No. 2579) / Vayu’s Staff +2 (No. 2585) / Indra’s Staff +2 (No. 2591) / Surya’s Staff +2 (No. 2597) / Varuna’s Staff +2 (2604) / Kubera’s Staff +2 (2610) / Soma’s Staff +2 (No. 2616) / Yama’s Staff +2 (2622)


  • [dev1008] Improvements in Fishing
  • Signet effect durations have been increased by three hours across the board. The maximum possible duration remains unchanged at 15 hours.
  • When conducting currency exchange with either the NPC Ugrihd (Aht Urhgan Whitegate) or Awaheen (Nashmau), players may now specify the Imperial coin of their choice as well as the quantity desired.
  • The new text command “/blockhelp” has been added.
    This command allows players to toggle on and off the ability to bring up the “Call for Help” button in the command menu. The default setting for this command is on; logging out of the game will revert this setting to default.
  • The active command window may be hidden and radar displayed by pressing the triangle button or plus key during battle.
  • The font used to display characters’ names above their heads has been changed on the Windows and Xbox 360 versions of the game.
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Resolved Issues

  • The following previously existing issues have been corrected:
    • The issue wherein choosing “Give up chocobo raising,” while a chocobo is still incubating yielded an improper message.
    • The issue regarding the NM Phantasmal Puk’s low spawn rate during sieges involving Lv4–Lv7 Mamool Ja Savages.
    • The issue in which the Aht Urhgan Whitegate NPC Zasshal mistakenly identified the minimum party member requirement for entering remnant areas as six.
    • The issue wherein help message for the Blue Mage spell Delta Thrust read “Additional effect: Disease” instead of the correct “Additional effect: Plague.”
    • The issue in which effects of monsters’ Yurin abilities were improperly displayed.
    • The issue wherein the scholar ability “Libra” would display improper information if used in conjunction with a black mage’s “Enmity Douse” ability.
    • The issue in which improper TP values were occasionally displayed when using the job ability “Tactical Switch” with either a Cirque Scarpe +1 or Cirque Scarpe +2 equipped.
    • The issue in which the help message for the weapon skills “Sidewinder” and “Slug Shot” mistakenly read “quintuple damage” instead of the correct “quadruple damage.”
    • The issue where the effects from Atma of the Winged Gloom would occasionally not trigger.
    • The issue where sudden accumulations of a large quantity of experience points would sometimes reduce the actual amount of experience points earned.
    • The issue in which the detection range for the monster Dybbuk (Abyssea-Konschtat) was larger than intended.
    • The issue wherein it was sometimes possible to target the NM Myrmecoleon (Abyssea-Tahrongi) before it spawned.
    • The issue in which the NM Ulhuadshi (Abyssea-Attohwa) would occasionally begin absorbing damage under improper conditions.
    • The issue in which players would occasionally be disengaged from the NM Amun (Abyssea-Attohwa) against their will.
    • The issue in which magic cast by the Abyssea-Attohwa NMs Mielikki and Svarbhanu would exhibit improper effects.
    • The issue in which the Abyssea-Altepa NMs Bennu and Ansherkh would display special attack messages despite being afflicted with terror.
    • The issue where the NM Orthus (Abyssea-Altepa) would occasionally inflict fire damage upon itself.
    • The issue wherein the area of effect for the NM Indrik’s (Abyssea-Uleguerand) special attack “Scintillant Lance” was incorrect.
    • The issue in which the area of effect for the NM Ironclad Triturator’s (Abyssea-Uleguerand) special attack “Turbine Cyclone” was incorrect.
    • The issue wherein the NM Apademak (Abyssea-Uleguerand) would occasionally cast area of effect attack spells on itself.
    • The issue wherein the NM Impervious Chariot (Abyssea-Uleguerand) would sometimes begin absorbing damage under improper conditions.
    • The issue wherein the NM Azdaja (Abyssea-Grauberg) would intermittently use magical effects it should not possess.
    • The issue wherein using an automaton’s ranged or magical attacks against the NM Armoury Crate (SE Apollyon) immediately caused the battle to terminate.
    • The issue in which using an automaton to fight an NM that must be spawned with abyssite would occasionally cause the NM to disappear when a party’s reservation expired.
    • The issue where joining a Walk of Echoes battlefield that was already 51% or more complete would result in being unable to exit.
    • The issue wherein, under certain circumstances, enemies in Walk of Echoes would not drop items.
    • The issue wherein the Walk of Echoes enemy Morbid Molassess’s special attack “Cytokinesis” possessed an improper area of effect.
    • The issue whereupon trading the key item “battle trophy: 3rd echelon” to the NPC Dominion Tactician resulted in an improper response.
    • – The issue wherein the help message for Mercurial Sword mistakenly read “Occasionally attacks 2-3 times,” instead of “Occasionally attacks 2-4 times.”
    • The issue in which the help message for Mercurial Pole mistakenly read “Occasionally attacks 2-4 times,” instead of “Occasionally attacks 2-5 times.”
    • The issue where the item Unkai Haidate’s Hasso effect was affecting magic recast delay.
    • The issue where the item Breeze Gem’s position would be displayed incorrectly upon sorting auction house items.
    • The issue in which the following items periodically exhibited additional effects that were not described in their respective help messages: Beneficus / Siriti / Winged Wand
    • The issue in which characters resurrected by Auto Reraise would not have their items de-equipped even if their level fell below the item’s level requirement.
    • The issue wherein DUALSHOCK 2 controllers’ vibration would not properly reflect the size of fish.
    • The issue in which treasure chests caught during the Brigand’s Chart quest were not displayed on the beach.
    • – The issue where fishing instinct messages were displayed during goldfish-scooping.
    • – The issue regarding how NMs could not be fished for in the following areas: Qufim Island / Cape Terrigan / Purgonorgo Isle / Mount Zayolm
    • The issue wherein the following item names could not be properly changed by using the text command /translate: Winged Wand / Vodun Mace / Vodun Mace +1
    • The following item names have also been adjusted for consistency:
      Lancer Plackart
      Lancer Plackart +1
      Raising Earrings
      Stun Jamadhar
      Dino Ledersens
      Genie Lappa
      Igqira Lappa
      Sylvan Brague
      Sylvan Brague +1
      Lncr. Plackart
      Lncr. Plackart +1
      Raising Earring
      Stun Jamadhars
      Dino Ledelsens
      Genie Lappas
      Igqira Lappas
      Sylvan Bragues
      Sylvan Bragues +1

Known Issues

  • Despite all auction houses being consolidated to Jeuno, auction house NPCs in the three nations mistakenly continue to state that each nation’s auction house functions independently. This issue will be resolved in the next version update.

– The proposed atma interface improvement allowing players to save their favorite atma configurations has been delayed to a future version update due to development complications.

A list of new synergy recipes has also been added, please click here to view them