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A Look at WAKFU's Ecosystem

29 Apr 2011

The ecosystem in WAKFU is a dynamic, constantly-changing aspect of the World of Twelve. Zones in different nations range from lush forests to tropical beaches, each with their own unique characteristics. Unlike other MMOs, in WAKFU, harvested resources do not automatically respawn. As a result, a single player can have a lasting effect on the environment. Players can decide to harvest the riches of nature, gathering plants or animals. They can decide to repopulate those same items, reintroducing new life into the ecosystem. Or they can decide to do both, in an attempt to balance out what they take. But there are serious consequences to mismanaging the ecosystem. If enough players harvest a particular item and no one repopulates it, it could go extinct; if no one harvests a particular plant or animal, it may lead to overpopulation problems. Players must learn to balance the ecosystem in WAKFU to avoid these two extremes.