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Siren World Has Marked 3,166 Consecutive Victories in Besieged!

14 Apr 2011

On April 14, 2011, the chapter was closed on one of the greatest tales of heroism that Vana’diel has known. On this day, the brave adventurers of Siren World suffered their first Besieged defeat after a remarkable 3,166 consecutive victories—a spectacular record of unbroken triumph dating back to the system’s introduction on April 17, 2006.

Though their streak may have come to an end, the heroes and heroines of Siren World can take pride in knowing that tales of their valor will be sung in teahouses across the Empire for ages to come. We congratulate them on their efforts, and extend our best wishes to adventurers of all Worlds fighting to defend the Astral Candescence from the vile hands of the Beastmen!