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Dev Tracker: April 12th, 2011

13 Apr 2011

Another day, another slew of Dev Tracker posts! This time its the possibility of two hour abilities, the possible removal of accessory slot cost and much much more!

Check out all the posts after the jump!

2hr Abilities (Yes Please!)? or (No Thanks!)?

“As of now, we are holding an overall review on the battle system, including the reviewing actions for each class. This may sound like a self-applause but as one of the creators of FINAL FANTASY XI, we feel that a lot of 2 hour abilities were very useful from both a tactical and job characteristic perspectives. Thus we are considering about implementing similar kinds of actions in each class. However with the action recast, we are looking to see if 2 hours are an appropriate amount of time or not, based on the average time spent on upcoming new content such as dungeons. This is because the image we have for strong actions such as these is to allow their use only once during the challenge.”

Removal of Slot-Cost Accessory limitation

“Currently the development team is reviewing the accessory point system, including the possibility of abolishing the system. However by doing away with the accessory point system and removing the limit, different issues will arise. For example, by allowing players to have more accessories equipped, the value and effect of each accessory will decrease. Also by having more accessories in possession, players can run into storage problems. To prevent these issues from happening, the development team is thinking things through carefully, so it will be a little more time before we have a concrete solution.

We are looking forward to any additional feedback you may have so please don’t hesitate to give us your thoughts!”

Please get rid of surplus SP

“Hello everyone! This is Producer/Director Yoshida!

Thanks so much for the discussions on surplus points. There have been a lot of threads in other regions on the same topic and many of the comments have been the same. Along with the implementation of new dungeon and raid environments, we’re looking towards the direction of basically eliminating this system.

I feel that it’s ideal that players decide on the play style.”

Discuss this topic in the forums

An Eorzea that is more ‘alive’ and dynamic

“Hey guys! We spoke to Producer Yoshida and he likes your ideas about bringing more life to Eorzea and will be looking into them further. Currently the development staff is preoccupied with fixing systems with high priority so these ideas will take a little longer to be implemented but please look forward to it.

What other ideas do you have that would make Eorzea feel more alive? ^_^”

Linkshell Administration Options

“The development team is aware of your concerns but due to the fact that their current priority is the battle system, changes can’t be made right away, but they are thinking about doing this after. In order to implement these features, they would like to first implement text commands before this.

Please continue to send in your ideas for the dev. team!”

Lackluster boat ride

“We confirmed with the dev. team that they are not only looking into boats, but all modes of transportation. Once we receive more information we will be sure to let you know!”

Saving Skill Sets

“We discussed this topic with Yoshida and Minagawa from the development team.

While working on a method to save skill sets has become a very high priority, due to the fact that this is tied to a core game system it will take some time to complete.

Once this is completed, we have plans to link this to improvements to equipment macro convenience, so please look forward to information on this in the future.”

Petition To Add Behest Rank Restrictions

“The development team is aware of the current situation where players, whose ranks are too low to participate, are present within Behest and the team feels that there is nothing negative about placing a rank restriction. As a result, they are considering such an action but at the same time they are thinking within what level range the restriction should be applied. Changing the class during Behest can also be used to switch to a low-ranking class but restricting the class change could make things inconvenient for players. With this in mind, they will be holding further discussions on the topic.”

More Storage Space, are your retainers and your bag full??

“With the expansion of player storage space, the development team has been talking and would like to give a quick update on their future plans. First in order to decrease the number of necessary materials, they’re looking to adjust crafting recipe requirements. This will affect storage issues, but the development team will continue to make further adjustments to directly address that concern. The development team is also planning to adjust the currently cumbersome UI; however these adjustments are just the beginning.

Also regarding high quality +1 and +2 items, we have made an adjustment where they can no longer be obtained through combat; however they are still obtainable through crafting. We would like to hear your thoughts on whether or not it’s a good idea to remove them from crafting results altogether along with any other feedback on this subject.”

That’s all for this edition of the Dev Tracker! We’ll make sure to post other additions on the site either by themselves or as a wrap-up style post. Make sure to let us know what your thoughts are about everything mentioned above in our forums and of course don’t forget to lend your two cents to the threads on the Official Forums!