Dev Tracker: April 12th, 2011

There’s a handful of posts coming out of Dev Tracker today. Topics range from why we’re not getting a mini-map at this time to the sad news of there not being an add-on or expansion pack in the works for this year.

But there is one planned for 2012 right Square Enix?… Right? Please?

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Give us quest tracker in the one in World of Warcraft and mini map

“We talked to the development team about the possibility of adding a mini-map to the UI. They mentioned that they were looking into this in the past, but in order to implement this it would require a large amount of development resources and it would be quite difficult to fit this into the version update schedule. We apologize for this, but greatly appreciate the feedback.”

What’s With the No Future Expansion or Addons?

“There have been a lot of threads and comments related to expansions and add-ons, so I’ll shed some light on the current direction. The main focus for this year is to upgrade and expand content through version updates. For example, the current roadmap is filled to the brim with what we feel are exciting and valuable updates. So for this year, we do not have plans at the current moment for expansions or add-ons.”

Low End Content “Until” Endgame Content

“The development team is most definitely aware of the difficulties associated with the lower levels and they are thinking of some possible ways to counter this. While their direction is not necessarily going to be an increase in content for specific levels (ex: more battlefields for level 10 etc.), they will continue to pay special attention to ways that players can get through the lower levels at a good pace.”

Menus, Dialogues, Confirmations, and General Redundancies

“Thanks for the feedback on this! I definitely understand what you’re all concerned about, especially for Dominion Ops. After bringing it up with the development team, they mentioned that they have wanted to adjust this and actually looked into it before. However, the man-hours needed to handle this task is considerably large and they realized it is on par with the amount of time/work necessary to add the planned multiple HNMs. Adjustments like these became low in priority when considering the large scheme of currently scheduled additions.

But please keep making your suggestions, and we’ll keep looking into changes like these and others in the future.”