Coming Soon: The Ecaflip’s Coin

\Sporting a shiny fur coat and a strong tendency to lay their fate in the hands of luck, the disciples of Ecaflip are the spitting image of their god: a gambler!

With this new class getting its big break on April 20th, check out this Developer Highlight to discover what mischief these felines will unleash upon the unsuspecting World of Twelve.

Earth Elemental spells

Are you addicted to gambling? Well, then Earth Elemental spells shall be your vice!

Highlighting the playful side of the class, each Ecaflip can unlock up to five Earth spells. The first spell is common to all Ecaflips, but the next four will be randomly selected from the nine remaining spells.

Heads or Tails: The first spell that all Ecaflips will receive, “Heads or Tails” inflicts Earth damage or gives a small amount of Hit Points back to the target.

Liars’ Dice: Aimed at a target, a single die cast by the Ecaflip. If the roll is a six (6), the Ecaflip gets another turn at rolling, adding an additional 50% base damage for every six thereafter.

All or Nothing: Quite a game of chance with even odds. The player has a 50% chance of inflicting damage and winning two Action Points, but also a 50% chance of losing a turn.

Three Cards: The Ecaflip tosses a hand of cards at his opponent and summons three cards on the ground before him. If the Ecaflip steps on a card, it will grant the related effect below.

  • Jack – Heals the target.
  • Queen – Applies the “Earthquake” effect to the target.
  • King – The Ecaflip gains +1 Action Point.


Craps: A pair of dice is tossed towards the enemy. If the total of these dice equal seven, the Ecaflip’s attack deals double damage.

Jackpot : The Ecaflip inflicts damage on his target and launches a “slot machine”. Depending on the result of the reel, players get bonus/penalty:

  • No identical icons: The target is healed.
  • Two identical icons: The Ecaflip’s ability to avoid attacks is increased.
  • Three identical icons: The target has the “Earthquake” status applied.


All In: Consuming the remainder of his Action Points, the Ecaflip flings a card at his foe. The number of AP drained determines the chance of doubling the damage, with a max percentage of 50%.

Roulette: The combat grid transformed into a division of black and red squares. Enemies on red squares receive a small health boost while enemies on black squares take damage.

Chat-Fu-Mi: The Ecaflip issues a unique version of Rock/Paper/Scissors with his enemy. In doing so, he sports a two-out-0f-three chance to win and inflict damage, otherwise the remaining chance results in a heal to his foe.

Lottery: Inflicts completely random Earth damage.

Air Elemental spells

Air Elemental spells directly correlate to the feline nature of the Ecaflip. These spells will provide several close combat attacks, striking different squares. Utilizing claws in combination with his speed, the Ecaflip can easily reach several targets and inflict substantial damage. Beware: for these beasts can also tap into their predator instincts in order to prowl for prey!

Bite: A rather straight-forward melee attack.

Claw of Ceangal: A melee attack that affects the targets flanking the Ecaflip.

Hunter: The Ecaflip selects a territory and moves into a hunting stance. If an adversary crosses into the selected zone, the Ecaflip pounces with his claws out.

By default, the Ecaflip will land on the square vacated by the enemy. If this square is not free, the Ecaflip will instead wait for other prey to move through his territory. In addition, the Ecaflip will only attack a particular target once, but may hunt down two unique targets.

Ecaflip Bit: The Ecaflip appeals to his god and a giant jaw hits the target in front of him, along with two other random targets in the area of effect.

Lacerations: The Ecaflip charges blindly ahead, clawing all foes in his path. This results in a double-claw attack against those who were foolish enough to stand in his way.


Water Elemental Spells

Water Elemental spells focus on fleas – yes, those annoying little critters. The Ecaflip manages fleas through the use of his Wakfu Points. As such, when using a flea spell, WP are used and when the spell effect has been applied, the appropriate amount of WP are restored.

For example: if a flea trap were to cost 1 WP, as soon as the trap is sprung, the Ecaflip will regain their spent WP.

This adds a layer of tactics to the Water Elemental spells as an Ecaflip must properly manage his WP pool to meet and foresee his needs, otherwise the feline may not control as many fleas as had hoped, costing the battle.

Rough Tongue: The bane of all cat fanciers! The Ecaflip licks his target and inflicts damage.

Flea Bag: The Ecaflip is protected by a barrier of these little pests and when attacked, the fleas will infest the attacker, causing damage.

Flea Market: Upon the activation of this spell, the Ecaflip will leave a trail of fleas behind him, costing 1 WP per square. When an opponent steps onto these compromised spots, the fleas will drain their HP and vanish, issuing their original worth of WP to their master.

Flea-Vamp: The Ecaflip commands fleas to occupy a dedicated square of his choosing, and when landing a successful attack of any other skill within a 2-square radius, the fleas will infect the enemy, draining his life essence and inflicting additional damage.

Flea-Flea: The Ecaflip dispatches a single flea onto his enemy. The mentioned flea starts small, but at the beginning of each turn, the flea leeches blood and slowly grows in size. Once the flea reaches its maximum size (three turns later), it will return and inject the stolen blood into its master, restoring health.

If the victim takes damage however, the flea will be knocked off, and will return to the Ecaflip to inject what HP it managed to steal. Likewise, if the flea manages to slay the target itself, the flea will immediately return to its master and restore health.

Class Specialty

Perception: The Ecaflip scans the area for invisible objects, mining locations, and other general weaknesses in his enemies’ defenses. In addition, he also gains a Critical attack rate bonus.

Hands Off: A passive defensive stance, the Ecaflip welcomes an approaching melee attack with an open paw that pushes an enemy back one square.

Petrifaction: The Ecaflip attempts to petrify all combatants who are in melee combat… including himself.

Sixth Sense: A passive ability that allows the Ecaflip to spin around when being attacked from the back or side.

The Ecaflip Tarot: A passive spell which allows the Ecaflip to pull a card at the beginning of each turn. The type of card pulled determines the effect of a random bonus or penalty.

Flea Recall: Recalls all active fleas back to the Ecaflip, restoring all WP spent on summoning them.

Mangy Cat: A passive ability, fleas possess the chance of transmitting the “allergy” status to their victim. Affected opponents will take damage when attacking an Ecaflip.


Disclaimer: Names used within this article are subject to change without notice.