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Abyssea Adjustments

13 Apr 2011

[dev1003]Abyssea Adjustments
The upcoming major version update will see the following adjustments made to Abyssea:

  • New Ways to Obtain Empyrean Upgrade Items
  • Empyrean +1 seals will be made obtainable via new battlefields.
  • Empyrean +2 items will be made obtainable from notorious monsters in additional Abyssea areas as follows:
    • Heroes of Abyssea area items will also appear in Scars of Abyssea.
    • Scars of Abyssea area items will also appear in Vision of Abyssea.
  • Visitant Light Status
    In addition to visitant duration remaining, players will be able to inspect their active lights when healing.
  • Notorious Monster Weaknesses
    The following blue magic spells will no longer be used to trigger enemy weaknesses:
    Death Ray / Blitzstrahl / Hecatomb Wave / 1000 Needles / Frost Breath / Firespit / Regurgitation / Seedspray