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Patch 1.17 Outline (04/12/2011)

12 Apr 2011

As promised in the seventh Letter from the Producer, we are happy to announce that patch 1.17 is on schedule for release in a matter of days.

◆ Patch 1.17 Release Date
Thursday, April 14, 2011 (following server maintenance)

◆ Patch 1.17 Maintenance Time
2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (PDT)

The following is a brief outline of the planned changes:

◆ Patch Outline

[dev1002] [dev1003] The implementation of new sidequests
[dev1011] The balancing of guildleve rewards
[dev1020] Adjustments and additions to the party system
Maximum party size has been reduced to 8 members.
Parties with 4 to 7 members are now called “light parties.”
Parties with 8 members are called “full parties.”
Special status enhancements will be granted to light and full parties. (Changes to party member display UI still under consideration.)
[dev1021] Adjustments to battle content in conjunction with the new party system
Adjustments to behest difficulty and bonuses to accommodate new full party size of 8 members.
Adjustments to the behest schedule.
[dev1029] Adjustments to environment collision detection
[dev1030] Adjustments to enemy distribution
[dev1031] The addition of new notorious monsters
[dev1038] The implementation of new equipment and items
[dev1039] The reduction of randomness affecting the approach phase in gathering
[dev1040] Adjustments and additions to active icons

A more detailed report can be found in the 1.17 patch notes, scheduled for release on April 14.