Coming Soon: Patch 0303

We’re proud to announce that the coming game patch will take place on Wednesday, April 20th. With less than two weeks remaining, we’re ready to give you a sneak peek on what to expect.

Here’s a quick rundown on what to look forward to in Patch 0303:

  • Two New Classes to Master: The elderly Enutrofs have already been revealed in a recent Developer Highlight. The second class will be announced shortly, complete with a Highlight of its own.
  • Three New Zones to Explore: The World of Twelve just got bigger! The advanced tutorial zone, Astrub, has been rediscovered after the disastrous Deluge along with a handful of other islands and areas to conquer.
  • A Fleshed Out Government: A major development for the Political System, a pillar of gameplay in WAKFU, National Roles, management of Domestic Laws, and the cultivating of International Policies can now be carried out.
  • Improved Audio: Everything from music, atmospheric sounds, and specific audio-bits for both monsters and Clan Members have been either implemented or enhanced! Now you can fully immerse yourself into the World of Twelve wherever you travel.


But that’s not all! Patch 0303 will also contain many other additions, improvements and bug fixes as well. Specific details of the update will be made available at deployment via Patch Notes on April 20th.

During this time, please be advised that this update will also bring about a Character Database wipe, meaning the deletion of all existing character data. As unfortunate as they are, database wipes are a common and important process in the Beta Test phase of software development. With the nature of the update (new classes, revision of the New Player Experience, advanced political features, bug fixes, the correction of several exploits, etc.) and the goal to create a polished product for Launch, we must be certain to interact with and monitor new uncorrupted data.

The addition of Astrub shall also compensate the loss of your characters with an enhanced transition between Incarnam and the other continents of the World of Twelve. The New Player Experience is expected to change significantly and therefore player feedback is paramount in order to create an optimized experience for learning the basics of the game.

With less than two weeks to wait, keep your eyes peeled for news, additional content highlights, and in-game events! This is just the beginning!