Dev Tracker: April 8th, 2011

There are a few more Dev tracker posts that came in before the start of the weekend so lets take a look and see what’s being said about gathering fatigue, transportation, and rolling for loot!

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Community name “Gathering Fatigue”

“To clear up your questions, we have checked with the Dev. team and found out the following.

As a countermeasure against RMT activities, the probability of gaining items through gathering will start to decrease after repeated attempts over a long period of time. After a certain number of attempts, items will no longer be obtainable through gathering.

To explain a little more on what goes on behind the scenes, there is an internal counter which measures how often a player has attempted gathering activities. Players will start with a maximum pool of 2,500, which will decrease by 10 each time a gathering attempt is successful and yields an item. Once this number decreases to 1,000, players will find it harder to obtain items. At 0, items can no longer be obtained through gathering.

Stopping gathering for some time will bump this number back up. The recovery rate is currently set at 100 per hour.”

Chocobos, Teleportation, Airships, and your feet. A Travel Thread

“We’re trying to get the dev. team to discuss what they’ve got planned in regards to transportation as things go forward. Hang tight, everyone!

Hmm, I wonder what they have planned. What do you guys think? There are some interesting comments we’ve been reading, so feel free to toss out more ideas!”

Rolling for loot!

“We went over to the development team’s desk and asked them about the future of the looting system.

As of now, a discussion on adjustment of looting system is taking place.

However there are many other updates and adjustments that need to be made on FINAL FANTASY XIV, they still need more time to have further discussion on this matter.

We will continue to keep this matter in our mind and if there happens to be an update, we will let you know so please hang tight.

Also if you happen to have any ideas and feedback, they are more than welcome so please don’t hesitate to send them.”

That’s all for this edition of the Dev Tracker! We’ll make sure to post other additions on the site either by themselves or as a wrap-up style post. Make sure to let us know what your thoughts are about everything mentioned above in our forums and of course don’t forget to lend your two cents to the threads on the Official Forums!