Voidwatch Emerges!

The forthcoming version update will feature a new battle system called “Voidwatch.”

In Voidwatch, bands of six to eighteen members will square off against “Voidwalkers,” savage entities that have breached planar bounds to invade multiple landscapes spanning past and present. By slaying these manifestations of terror, you and your stalwart comrades will gradually come to discover the true nature of the threat that has all of Vana’diel up in arms.

The upcoming May patch contains the first installment of this new challenge, and readies eighteen fields whereupon you will duel the dreaded Voidwalkers. The battle will expand to yet more areas in ensuing releases.Click image for larger version  Name:	forum_20110408.jpg Views:	1015 Size:	36.4 KB ID:	36

We will provide more information regarding Voidwatch in subsequent announcements, so stay tuned and steel yourself for battle.