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The FINAL FANTASY XI roadmap for the next twelve-months

8 Apr 2011

The roadmap that has been mentioned to us for the past several weeks on the forums has finally arrived!

With no expansion or add-on in sight, the Final Fantasy XI Development team is working on introducing new content to older areas, starting with the new Voidwatch system. May will also see the addition of new Treasure Casket areas, new battlefields and a new system titled “Grounds of Valor”. All of which we have yet to receive details on so look forward to those in the coming weeks. Also, weapon glow.

A minor version update will land in June with job adjustments, adjustments to monster distribution and NM adjustments, as well as enhanced playability. Also it looks like the Star Globe is getting a revamp, which is by far the best thing to come out of this update.

The biggest news hidden within this post is that Final Fantasy XI will receive its very own test server come this July. At its launch, a new forum area will also be opened for posts on testing, fine tuning, player feedback etc.

In August we’ll receive updates and additions to content coming up in May such as Voidwatch, Grounds of Valor, Teasure Caskets, Battlefields, and a “Daily reward system” (name TBA). We’ll also see the revamp for Walk of Echoes with this update. This August update will also see the level cap increase hit 95.

After that we’ll see the level cap finally hit 99 and bring in adventurer growth elements (could this be that Magian related system we heard about back at VanaFest?), more Voidwatch, more Treasure Caskets and Grounds of Valor, and new battlefields. There are also two things in the worlds whose names have yet to be finalized: The Last Stand, and Dungeon crawling (…raids?)

Lots of other things mentioned so I’ll let you stop reading and hand over the link to the post on the forums so you can check out all of these changes for yourself and see the small, but pretty pictures.