3 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 251: Steps

  1. It’s kind of funny (but mostly sad) to hear the same people that were touting how great Abyssea was, now complaining that it is the only thing to do in FFXI. FFXI is supposedly focused on end game now, and yet it is not. I personally started losing interest in the game when TP burn parties took off. Abyssea was the nail in the coffin. Hopefully SE can breath new life into the game. Even though I no longer play, I still want the game to live forever. I suggest, instead of dropping PS2 support, drop XIV support, and make XI fun again. Just saying…

  2. Kappo I agree.. Abyssea is really becoming a grind. I am sick of farming time. There is too much competition for mobs. Last night I had to stand in line to pop two mobs but yet we get limited time in aby. So off to farm more time while we wait for our turn to pop. Those that were popping it when we got there sent us a tell saying they were done so we go back and someone else is popping it, uggg.. Now they want to merge servers so there is even more competition for mobs. No thanks. I think the merger will kill the game further. They have to do something to spread the people out so they are not all doing the samething.

  3. In Eve ISK is pronounced ‘ihsk.” Also, there is no actual form of endgame content in Eve, it’s a sandbox game.

    For instance, about 4/5 of the Eve universe is conquerable territory that can be owned by player alliances(typically consisting of several thousand players). An alliance called Band of Brothers went on a campaign a few years ago to own all of conquerable space( called 0.0, pronounced “zero zero”). They were so strong that it took the combined forces of EVERY other alliance in the game just to keep them at bay. They only were finally beaten because a spy in BoB was able to dissolve the alliance, which destroyed all of their sovereignty, thus allowing the rest of the alliances to push in and take their home system. Think “Trojan Horse” tactics.

    Its this kind of open-endedness that makes the game so interesting.

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