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Dev Tracker: April 6, 2011- Merits and Crafting

6 Apr 2011

Today it was announced that we’ll finally see changes made to what we can spend merits on. Good news for everybody that’s had their 20 merits stored up over the past few months. Square Enix is also looking to collect player thoughts on crafting. The next update will see some changes, but before getting into discussions regarding changes for the future, the developers want to hear what the players have to say. Check out everything after the jump!

[dev1006] Merit Point Adjustments

The upcoming version update will see an increase to maximum limit for point allocation in certain merit point categories.

  • Maximum Total Ability Increase by Category
    • HP/MP: Increased from 8 to 12
    • Attributes: Increased from 5 to 8
    • Combat Skills: Increased from 20 to 32
    • Magic Skills: Increased from 16 to 24
    • Others: Increased from 8 to 10
  • Maximum Number of Upgrades by Ability
    • HP/MP: Increased from 8 to 12
    • Attributes: Increased from 5 to 8
    • Others: Increased from 4 to 5

Craft Skill Limitations

The Development team is looking for feedback on the changes they’ve outlined for crafting. Here’s the list of changes coming in the next version update:

  • Raise the 40 skills levels that can be distributed when a skill reaches 60 to 80. (Makes possible the ability to level two skills to 100)
  • For the next version update “Revoking Craftsmanship Status” will remain the same as original (Bringing your skill down to 60). For future version updates we plan on making adjustments so that the system allows you to decide which craft skill you would like craftsmanship revoked.
  • Additionally for future adjustments we are thinking about increasing the levels further beyond 80.

It’s mentioned that increasing the skill levels would be very advantageous to Synergy. However they don’t want to upset the balance of supply and demand. They’ll be collecting feedback for a period of one week so if you have something to say about it, make sure to post over on the Official Forums!