Coming Soon: The “Enutrof’s Fingers”

With their pockets full of kamas, a drheller lying at their feet, and a shovel in hand, no doubt… you’re in the presence of an Enutrof!

Finally, the Disciples of the Golden Dragon are making their way into the World of Twelve. Now, you can discover the gameplay of the next class to be available in WAKFU’s Beta.

All About Enutrofs

The Enutrof is a class focused on controlling the grid offensively at close range. They generally increase (and decrease) Movement Points and loot in groups (starting with their own loot). It’s also a cunning class for which anticipation is key — especially with their ability to drill tunnels by transforming into a Drhellzerker. All of this makes the Enutrof a highly tactical class that can live up to its full potential in the hands of expert players.

Class Features

Features below are not listed in the order they are obtained.

Dhreller Pet

Thanks to the spell “Dhreller Call”, the Enutrof has the ability to call this small pet to come to the rescue. The Dhreller gives the Enutrof the ability to transform into a Phorserker and increase their loot – which depends on the spell level.

Drhellzerker Transformation

The Enutrof merges with his Dhreller and switches to “Drhellzerker” mode.

In this mode, Action Points (AP) transforms into Movement Points (MP), and is added to existing MP. All Enutrofs spells cost MP to cast in this mode.

If a Drhellzerker doesn’t inflict damage during its turn, they switch back to an “Enutrof”.

Massive Clumsiness

Enutrofs are master debuffers and this spell is proof: all enemies lose 1 MP.

The Art of Digging

This spell increases the Enutrof’s prospecting ability.

Locate Mines

The Enutrof has the passive ability to scan the terrain once combat begins, which allows them to instantly locate mining locations on the grid. Minerals are of the upmost importance, as they are used in all kinds of Elemental spells. Once the mines run out of minerals, the Enturof must move to another location to find new minerals to boost their abilities. There are four types of mining locations featuring various levels of quality: Tin, Steel, Silver and Gold. The highest quality provides greater damage, depending on the spell element.

  • Earth spells cast on mining locations are more likely to reduce enemy MP
  • Water spells cast on mining locations increase loot
  • Fire spells cast on mining locations increase damage


A passive ability that allows the Enutrof to appear dead. All they have to do is simply pretend their heart has given out — which is pretty believable at their age!

It can be executed when KO’ed, but be careful not abuse the spell, because it’s hard to fool the same person twice!

Golden Age

Thanks to their age and experience, the Enutrof has learned how to transform the loss of MP into MP gain.

Earth Elemental Spells

Tied to the shovels, Earth Elemental spells provide an increase or decrease of MP.

Killer Shovel

The Enutrof invokes a shovel to crush the enemy from the skies.

Off Guard Shovel

The Enutrof places their hand on the ground, and summons forth a rock column to strike an enemy (and hopefully) cause a loss of their MP.

Giving A Smacker

A good ol’ shovel strike and the Enutrof has an opportunity to go into an accelerated state (Mode: +1 MP).

Shovel Variety

The Enutrof invokes a mystical shovel allowing them to steal 1 MP from the target, as well as inflict damage.

Seismic Shovel

The Enutrof strikes the ground so hard, and with such might, the dirt fissures before his feet! If their Dhreller is at the end of the fault, it creates a replica and the zone will receive half of the original damage.

Water Elemental Spells

Water spells are all about the loot; from increasing loot for the Enutrof and his allies, to drops appearing with increased frequency on the grid.


Some water spells, or the Dhreller, make small loot appear, represented by small bags on the grid. As soon as a player steps on one, they receive a new object in their inventory (dependent on the combat loot table). However, if a monster steps on a bag, it will disappear forever.

Fire Elemental Spells

Fire spells are all about metal fusion and therefore… damage! Actually these spells are strictly about damage.

They leverage mines to do more damage and create area explosions.


The Enutrof takes a Kama in their hand and sets their fist on fire to hit the target. Very practical for cauterizing a wound.


The Enutrof throws a Kama in the air, which transforms and falls down as a fiery rock. If the slot it lands on happens to be a mining location, all surrounding squares will take damage.


The Enutrof picks up couple of rocks from the ground and throws them in front of themselves in a circle. If one of the slots is a mining location, the embers are revived and targets are set on fire.

Mine Crushing

The Enutrof reduces the ground under the enemy to rubble and creates a small explosion. If a mining location were to be located in the center of the zone, we’re talking about a HUGE explosion.

Hot Magma

The Enutrof invokes hot magma, which covers four squares. If magma touches a mining location, it creates a volcano, bombarding the zone around it.


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Disclosure: Names and terminology used within this article are subject to change without notice.