Dev Tracker: April 5, 2011

Lots of things have been picked up on the Dev Tracker in the past week. From discussion about gardening limitations for new characters all the way to blinking and macros.

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The community team will be talking with the Special Task Force to discuss possible changes regarding the limitations placed on new characters when it comes to gardening. In his post, Camate makes sure to point out that the lack of RMT in the game are due to countermeasures like the ones placed on gardening so it may not be easy to to lighten up the restrictions. In other news, the lack of RMT is actually more likely due to the fact that everyone is spending their time in Abyssea acquiring Rare/Ex items so Gil is more useless than it ever has been.

Expanding mog house!

I bet a lot of people are thinking “oh man Fusion must love this idea!”. Well I do to a certain extent. I wouldn’t mind a larger space, but the addition of rooms as mentioned in the OP is going a bit overboard in my opinion. If I had my way we’d get a slightly expanded Mog House with another section for furniture storage (because I actually have 80 furniture items filling up my inventory at the moment). Either way, talks about expansion are going to be thrown over to the Development Team so we’ll have to wait and see what they say.

Make key items and regular items sortable in alphabetic order!

Not a bad idea. Unfortuneatly due to the way the game is coded, each item is given an item ID and that is what’s used to sort the inventory lists. As for thoughts on better Key Item organization- Split up Atma, Abyssites, and NM pop items. As much fun as it is to scroll through a mile long list of items, I’d rather be able to more easily see if I have the particular item I’m looking for.

Solution to “blinking”

Unfortunately, its impossible to change character blinking. It’s possible to prevent targeting problems caused by this via certain macros such as stpc.

Are moogle storage slips safe?

Yes. Yes they are.

New “Macro Strings”, Macro’s Reborn!

The basic idea in the OP here is to merge a single macro (6 lines) into a string, which can then be called in one macro line. The idea is that this would solve a lot of problems that players are currently facing with the amount of lines allowed in single macro- something that has frustrated players since day one since the game all but requires you to swap gear in and out for every weapon skill, ability or spell. Camate comes in to say that stringing together multiple macros would put an emphasis on automation and that isn’t something the Development Team doesn’t want to move toward. Camate goes on to say that while a date can’t be revealed, they are looking into changes regarding the UI and revamping macros. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that they actually make it so you can swap in a full WS set, do a WS, and then swap your TP set in via a single macro. If not, their revamping will be nothing but another band-aid.

Mythic optaining

(I use the names of the threads, I know it’s spelled wrong) Finally! Something I’ve been actually waiting to hear about! The changes are still a bit off (after the next major version update) but tweaks and adjustments will be made, including revamping Salvage so that Mythic Weapons will be easier to obtain. Again, it’s mentioned that a “road map” for future updates will be released “very soon”.

NPC Fellow Please Raise Level Cap And Expand Areas Of Use

We have confirmation that the upcoming limit break quests will be tied into Trial of the Magians. Now the good news- the maximum amount of trials that can be undertaken at once will be increased.