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Dev Tracker: April 5, 2011

5 Apr 2011

We had quite a bit of information come out of the Official Forums last week. Judging from the recent posts picked up by the Dev Tracker, we’ll be getting some responses from the Development Team in the near future regarding things like accessorize slot cost, and the popular question “Where are my male Miqo’te and Female Roegadyn?”.

We’ll be continuing to post these Dev Tracker posts up when we have a collection of smaller posts. If there’s some big news that comes out of the Official Forums we’ll make sure to post that as soon as possible!

Check out the collection of recent Dev Tracker posts after the jump!

Missing Genders: A request for Male Miqote, Female Highlander, and Female Roegadyn

“We can definitely see the enthusiasm being shown in this topic, and it’s not something we’re overlooking! We are currently discussing with the development team now and will report back once we receive a response.”

It’s hard to guess at what the reply could be. When we asked Hiromichi Tanaka about this back at E3 he told us “Actually all of the design is ready, so we were planning to implement them into the game, however during the development process we had to put priority with what to put into the game, and due to the man power issue we had to give up implementing them into the beginning of the game. You will see them as an NPC, but it is not a race that you can choose at the beginning. We’ll see how it goes in the future, it might be a possibility. We are still looking into it.” Is it possible that Yoshida could surprise us and include these new genders into one of the next few updates as NPC givers? Or will it all come down to “We have more important things to work on at the moment”? Another question that I would personally have tied to this would be if and when these genders roll out, will we need to make an entirely new character? Or will we get a chance to re-design our current characters?

Saving Skill Sets?

“We’re trying to get a comment about this from the dev. team, so hang tight for an update everyone!”

We asked a question that was somewhat similar to Tanaka (again during our E3 interview) only instead of having the skills saved, we asked about equipment. There was a plan to have the equipment swap upon class change, but there were some difficulties. If it was something players wanted to see they would make it work. It makes sense that skill sets could be saved and I for one believe this would be a nice change to the current system. Until it happens though, I would encourage anybody frustrated with having to reset abilities to try their hand at setting up some macros.

Overtaxation of PC Hardware



“What everyone’s saying about FFXIV currently being a large burden on the PC is something we’ve been seeing on our end as well. We brought this up with the development team and hope to have a comment from them soon.”

It’s no secret that Final Fantasy XIV is a very demanding game. However it runs a little too heavy for some players. Mentions of memory leaks as well as overtaxing GPU’s was mentioned by this threads OP.

Petition To Add Behest Rank Restrictions



“I made sure to organize all of your comments, suggestions and feedback and submitted it to the development team. As always, thanks for the feedback!

Of course, if you have any other ideas/feedback please don’t hesitate to let us know.”

Behest is one of the most popular events in the game for anybody leveling a DoW or DoM. Every so often, one of the precious spots in Behest may be taken up by someone who isn’t the appropriate level for that particular area. As a result, some people may get locked out.

Character Creation Options



“First off I wanted to say that it’s great to hear the kinds of things you’re looking for when it comes to updating the character creation options. We’re seeing lots of interesting ideas pop up! We spoke with Yoshida and he said that of course, while these kinds of suggestions and ideas will take some time, they do have plans for it in the future! He also feels that it’s important to offer the option to change your existing character’s appearance at the same time, too.

Sounds pretty exciting, huh? What do you guys think?”

We saw way back at the launch event in Ebisu that new hairstyles would be making their way to Final Fantasy XIV. However we haven’t really heard anything about those or additional character creation options since the games release. The addition of allowing players to change an existing character’s appearance is definitely a very welcome one. As small of an addition as this may seem, I’m personally looking forward to see what gets added into the creation process.

That’s all for this edition of the Dev Tracker! We’ll make sure to post other additions on the site either by themselves or as a wrap-up style post. Make sure to let us know what your thoughts are about everything mentioned above in our forums and of course don’t forget to lend your two cents to the threads on the Official Forums!