Player Achievements For Episode 16 of Aetheryte Radio

A new thread for Player Achievements has been created!

Over the past month the server saw a period of downtime due to the tragic events in Japan. However, the servers have been back on for over a week now and players are once again crafting, questing, or leveling with their linkshells.We’d like to hear about your accomplishments while playing over the past month!

I’m sorry to say that because of other work going on, this post is coming much later than it should. I decided that it would be better to let this run for a week so we can still have the Player Achievements segment on the next episode of Aetheryte Radio instead of simply skipping a month for the segment. The achievement thread for April will arrive shortly after the release of Episode 16.

We’ve also added some small red text at the bottom of this post that you may notice. We’re asking players to only post once in the achievement thread and to please refrain from discussion (ex. a post that’s not an achievement). This will help us out greatly when we go through the thread to read your achievements on the podcast.

Go post your achievements!

Each month, we give players the opportunity to brag about their biggest achievements in our forums. Finally get that rank up? Complete more storyline? Epic or Funny screen shot? Throw it up in the thread and our favorites will be mentioned on the next episode of Aetheryte Radio! Those who have their achievements read on air will receive a gift that will show up on their user profile page!


The achievement thread is for achievements only. We ask that you only post once and refrain from discussions in the thread.