4 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 250: The Future of Final Fantasy XI

  1. The PSO bit, I loved it Fusion!

    When PSO2 comes out, Me and You, lets make a podcast for it! :D

    Without PSO on the Dreamcast I would not be here either.

    I’m gonna go play my Dreamcast now and maybe hop on Schthack’s Server :3

  2. Fusion sounded pretty down in the mouth about the future of FFXI. If SE has lost Fusion, dark times are ahead indeed. It seems SE threw him a bone since I saw *finally* you may get to change your Wyvern color eventually.
    Me, myself I could be busy a year plus, just trying to solo my AF 3 +1 for four jobs. Although I am depressed at how secretive SE is with everything they do, unnecessarily so. I see new content yes, new expansions, probably no. SE has moved on from FFXI, but they’ll be happy to take our money as long as we want to stay. Since there is so much to do, I could be years before I done it all.

  3. 2h and 30m of negativity and pure speculation? How is this entertainment?

    1. I’ve quit listening to this show, I’m tired of hearing his negativity for extended amounts of time.

      The only reason I’m here in the first place is because the Tarutaru Times brought me here on accident, and I managed to read the comments before I closed.

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