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Important Announcement Regarding the Recent Events in Japan

13 Mar 2011

To the SQUARE ENIX community:

As you know, Japan has been hit with a terrible disaster this week.  We have received and greatly appreciate all the kind words of concern from our fans and players.

As a result of the earthquake, we temporarily may have to shut down the servers hosting FINAL FANTASY XI and FINAL FANTASY XIV.

We are now analyzing the situation and studying very hard what we can do to fulfill our social responsibilities under the unusual circumstances, and to mitigate the inconvenience to our players.  According to our best estimate at this point, we will temporarily have to shut down the servers shortly.  We will give you as much advance notice as possible under the rapidly changing circumstances.  If the servers are shut down, we will try to provide updates in the Information section of our Official Website below.

FINAL FANTASY XIV , The Lodestone:
FINAL FANTASY XI Official Website:

We sincerely apologize and appreciate your understanding.