Patch 1.16 Outline

Patch 1.16 is scheduled to go live in early March, bringing with it new quests, various improvements to the user interface, and more!

The list below briefly outlines the content slated for release in the forthcoming patch.

◆Outline of Patch 1.16 Content

Storylines and world quests
Quest-related system changes
Addition of icons to make quest NPCs easily recognizable
Addition of quest NPC locations to maps
Journal improvements
Reexamintion of data transfer mechanics to display all current quests and levequests on one screen
Increased speed for text scrolling in general, and further speed increase for continuous scrolling
Addition of page-scrolling control for gamepads
Rank/Level up fanfare
Examination of dramatic effects when a new rank or level is attained
Camera improvements
Ability to adjust camera distance when locked onto a target
Ability to freely adjust camera distance when playing with a gamepad
Targeting system improvements
Ability to target by type (“PC only” or “NPC only”) when using a gamepad
Ability to target by clicking on character name displays
Auto-translate dictionary update
Update of auto-translate dictionary contents
Guildleve usability improvements
Reexamination of and balancing of local levequest issuing conditions
Adjustments to item condition values
Adjustments to lower the rate at which item condition deteriorates
Synthesis interface improvements
Adjustments to the item synthesis process
Increased pace of gathering actions
Changes to the frame rates of action animations to speed up gathering
Retainer system improvements
Ability to summon retainers currently operating a bazaar
Reexamination of enemy size
Optimization of enemy size for ease of play
Reexamination of stats
Addition of an auto-MP regeneration feature


For more details, be sure to keep an eye on further Topics posts in the coming days. In addition, comprehensive patch notes will be available on the day of the patch’s release. Relevant dates and times will be announced in Informations posts as they become available.