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Hails From Hydaelyn Episode 2: Who Are You Again?

18 Feb 2011

Aetheryte Radio- Remotely Plausible

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Sorry for the delay! The second episode of Hails From Hydaelyn is here!

Callers on this show include: Amrita, Carlita, Auronous

Who is that fellow over there with the strange voice? Episode 2 of Hails From Hydaelyn is finally released! Join us as we welcome the ever elusive Chase Solkani to the show as we talk about crafting, the pressure to grind to rank 50, and the important query of why Miqo’te lack a pleasing behind. We also take questions from the chat, and the discus the potential of class name changes in the game. All of this and more on Episode 2 of Hails From Hydaelyn!