3 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 241: Little Big Podcast

  1. one thing i wanna know with he developers blog is why has beastmaster gotten the shaft when it comes to a bird jug pet. we have one for all the main ecosystems but not birds. everything has a weakness we can take advantage of, but when it comes to lizards we don’t.

  2. : O
    You both should play Dissidia Duodecim when it’s out! : D Especially if you’ll be at Distant Worlds in June. They are including the first storyline in Duodecim so you don’t miss out on that. Also, when you have that many FF fans in one place it’s all sorts of competition and refreshing to not play vs. comp. Prishe for FFDD is awesome thought a little part of my heart wishes it would have been Lilisette, but I’m biased.

    Fusion, sorry sir, you are not the original Dragoon prancing Dancer for I too was playing it before it was cool much to the humor of my linkshell. People are still surprised I get to take Dancer to events lately. -.-

  3. There is one thing that I can think of from the tabs maybe they don’t want people to get food easy this way to keep the cookers in gil.

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