January Player Achievements!

The thread for this month’s Player Achievements is now open!

The start of the new year means different things to many people. However, for players of Final Fantasy XIV, the new year brings with it four simple words. Fun. Live. Reboot. Rebuild. Have these words had an impact on your current time in Eorzea? Have you set your own goal or resolutions for the game in 2011? Drop a post in this month’s Player Achievements thread and tell us what you’ve been up too during your adventures!

We love hearing about all the exciting things players are doing with their time in game. We love being able to share those things with the rest of the community even more! We’re trying to feature achievements from as many different members as possible so if you’ve never posted your achievements before we encourage you to do so starting this month.

Each month, we give players the opportunity to brag about their biggest achievements in our forums. Finally get that rank up? Complete more storyline? Epic or Funny screen shot? Throw it up in the thread and our favorites will be mentioned on the next episode of Aetheryte Radio! Those who have their achievements read on air will receive a gift that will show up on their user profile page!