Wakfu Classes: Xelor’s Sandglass – Temporal Magi

Wakfu Online – www.wakfu.com In the beginning there were no clocks, no watches, no cuckoos… not so much as a wooden stick stuck in the mud to tell the time with a simple shadow. Until one day, the god Xelor took up his Hammhour which shone with the light of timeless infinity. His great hammer fell upon the earth, and made a funny little noise – 'TICK'. Xelor struck once more, and behold, a ringing 'TOCK' resounded and Xelor saw that it was good. Placing the noises in his great satchel for safekeeping, he took some gears and, adding two or three Timemites, the god created the Divine Clock. Xelor's disciples are created in the image of their god, and like their master, their favorite tactic involves messing about with ticks and tocks. For them, a clock hand packs more punch than the five-fingered kind and time is a lethal weapon – just watch them control the initiative and movement of their enemies. As patient students of technique, they are often to be seen passing the time with Otomai's Disciples.
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