Wakfu Classes: Ecaflip’s Coin – Warrior Gamblers

Wakfu Online – www.wakfu.com When you're a god, even the roll of a dice is predictable! But for the mere mortals who circle the blackjack tables of the material world hungrily, there is no such luck. And here, it is the Ecaflips who rule over crook, thief and gold-rusher, playing lady luck with supreme skill and recklessness. Ecaflips are used to gambling on chance. In battle, you'll never know if the next blow coming from the enemy with the catty head will knock your socks off or leave you untouched… they collect game cards and have made fearsome weapons out of them, leaving the swords of the past to other fighters. They might even read your future in these cards… but if they're lucky, you might not want to know what it is!
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