3 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 239: Much Ado About Linkshells

  1. I absolutely love listening to these podcasts. You guys have brought me back to the game just when I thought I was through last year.

    Sadly I stopped playing at the end of last summer. Though I’ve been playing since Fall ’06, my highest job was Bard at 58. I loved the job; it fulfilled a job I had wanted to play as RDM… if only it had more melee power! The Asura server was sending the last few waves of new players into endgame, but I couldn’t keep up with my RL friends and my linkshell. After buying the three add on scenarios that I never played, I never bought any Abyssea expansions.

    So, I have a question. I recently got a new PC to play FFXIV, but then heard about its… “precarious” state, have held off on making the purchase. Would it be worth it to buy all the Abyssea content and perhaps a server migration and try picking up XI again, or to give FFXIV a try while its still free?

    1. Abyssea really IS the game, so if you have any inkling of giving FFXI another shot, you’ll need to throw down the $30 for Abyssea.

      FFXIV will probably be free for the next few months at least so there’s plenty of time to pick it up and give it a try.

      If you had to pick, go with FFXI.

      1. Hmmm. Thanks for the input. I would like to try FFXIV, but I don’t know a lot of people playing it, and having friends to do stuff with is the reason I keep playing online games.

        Example: Battlefield Bad Company 2. Pretty awesome game, but [matchmaking] teammates leave me infuriated with their inability to coordinate strategically. I run ahead and capture a base, everyone runs toward that base, I get killed, both bases taken by the enemy. I makes me rage quit quite a few matches of it. But when I play with my friends, the experience is much better, and a lot more fun, and increases chances of satisfaction (victory).

        I really want to get into a community game, but I’ve heard of the desolation and silence that is the FFXIV chat, but its current free state is still enticing. I just dread having to do crafting jobs and leveling “jobs” I don’t really care for. Plus, the lack of diversity in “jobs” ( ex. support roles that Bard and Corsair had, and the niche DD jobs like BST or SMN ) is kind of a turn off. I enjoy playing multiple roles, but I don’t won’t to be forced to grind.

        If I can find a copy of FFXIV on the cheap, I might still give it a try. I don’t know anyone still playing on Asura, so I would likely have to move servers, which would cause me to shell out another $60 dollars when bundled with Abyssea prices.

        Thanks again for the feed back. I realize this probably should have been posted on Eorzeapedia forums, but frankly its current state as a troll refuge discouraged me. I would probably not get any informative responses or helpful opinions.

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