3 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 238: Live Show Is Live

  1. Hey just on the semi off topic note of the ff14 ps3 delay and the current issues with ps2 limitations, maybe SE will just wait til ps4 to release it. I mean ps3 has like 2 years left if that before they rep it, might be better off waiting til then. Of course with the fatigue system those players would be kinda bone chipped

  2. Every time Steak goes “Oh no!!” i think of that dude from family guy with the mustache, always shows up at random.

  3. Listening to PFA makes me miss FFXI a bit. Glad to see the game seems to have a solid following. Abyssea pretty much ruined it for me, but it sounds like most people love it. Keep up the good work PFA crew.

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