7 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 236: Oshi’s Squeaky Chair

  1. The link to download the new episode 236 actually links the the episode 235 file, just thought ya might want to know lol~ ^^

  2. I’m bummed you guys didn’t review my e-mail. :/

    Wanted to hear advice and opinion on the after abyssea subject.

    1. Stuff gets missed very easily in a long e-mail, if you want, send us another e-mail with just that bit and we’ll make sure to read it on the next show

  3. When I hit the download button I get Episode 235. I posted this on twitter but did not get anything back from Fusion on eithier accounts.

  4. OK…. That was really weird. It is working now. I think the mobile website was glitching up or something because I kept getting Episode 235 until I putted up my last comment and then everything changed and the download button gave me the right file.

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