Hails From Hydaelyn Episode 1: Throat Stab

Aetheryte Radio- Remotely Plausible

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It’s finally here. The first episode of Hails From Hydaelyn!

Callers on this show include: Teiruzu, Tragicnate, Xbob42, Soulrift, Ashne, Yondaime, Lukus, and Rhomagus.

In this groundbreaking episode, Xyle Harkyn and Eskalisa Ryumasa are joined by Aetheryte Radio hosts Fusionx Griever and Aniero Gregori to discuss with our callers the dramatic restructuring of Final Fantasy XIV’s development team. We also discuss a wide range of topics, such as the market wards, skill point acquisition and the effects of Hiromichi Tanaka stepping down as producer.