Hails From Hydaelyn Live Show December 11th 8PM EST!

The debut of Hails From Hydaelyn originally scheduled for last night was held off due to a few complications. However with the huge news today we’re pushing forward and are excited to announce that the Hails From Hydaelyn will be premiering tomorrow night (December 11th) at 8PM EST. The HFH crew will be accompanied by ARN hosts Fusionx and Aniero as we take your calls about the recent change in staff for Final Fantasy XIV as well as any other questions you might have regarding the game.

If you’re interested in participating you’ll need to download Skype (make sure to configure your microphone ahead of time) and contact the username “HailsFromHydaelyn” around 8:00pm EST with your Eorzeapedia username and desired topic of discussion.

Make sure to view the broadcast via our new live page so that you can listen in and interact via our IRC chatroom!

Called In To HFH Gift Callers will receive a special gift to their user page. When contacting the username “HailsFromHydaelyn” on skype please introduce yourself by your username here on Eorzeapedia so we can make sure you receive this gift.