8 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 234: The Inflatable Couch

  1. You guys need to recheck your memory. Moon is in Ro’Maeve. had the mention about the gate right but its definately not Fei’Yin >:P

  2. Wow you guys got it recorded and out the same night without the contributor release first.

  3. No contributor ep this week, enjoy the ep while the servers are down!

  4. that LS leader needs a Quad Continuum TO THE FACE!

    Seriously, the Samurai is a Samurai with a god damn masamune, that LS leader needs to be ROASTED

  5. aaaaawwww sniffles internet crashed sad times lol. cant w8 for the live show woot woot.


    Babyj of Phoenix server

  6. lolACP

    Lol Aniero and “Period Piece” WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT WHAT PERIOD PIECE.

    Damn couch.

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