6 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 233: Sprout Heads

  1. row row fight the powah is from Gurren Lagan.

    and stop calling me Salmon Easy.

  2. nin emote is NOT an naruto reference, the whole theme with the 3 sannin summoning a frog a snake and a slug comes from japanese folklore, the artist just used this elements in his manga.

  3. The Samurai banner reads, from top to bottom, “wind, wood, fire, earth.”

    I know the first 3 kanji but the last one looks strange.. It looks like the one I know for earth but not quite; could be a more classical kanji.

    I don’t blame Fusion for not knowing much Kanji ;P

  4. I’m hunting discounts. LMAO

    BLM is my favourite.

    DRK summon’s Batman.

    And yea, the whole NIN frog thing is from Japanese folklore originally…

    RDM is pretty lame to…the casting emote with flowers lol.

    You know that city where Prishe was born and that is in the FFXI opening movie? We should go there for level 99 endgame.

    Everyone will grab SE’s sack. I’ll probably get the 20%+ cure potency Magian staff.

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