Aetheryte Radio News 7

Aetheryte Radio News

Join Fusionx and Corinth for episode 7 of Aetheryte Radio news!

We’re trying out a different format to see if you like a longer more discussion filled show as opposed to a quicker scripted news show. Let us know what you think!

Keep checking back to Eorzeapedia for the latest Final Fantasy XIV news. You can also follow Eorzeapedia on twitter for the latest updates! If you have a news story you want to submit to us, e-mail it to [email protected]!

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  • Free Trial Extension
  • Beginners Guide (battle and aggressive monsters)
  • New items and Balances to Synthesis
  • New Features and User Interface Improvements
  • Where the Wild Things Spawn
  • Ask The Devs! (User Interface)
  • Balancing is Half the Battle
  • Interview clarifies F2P rumor
  • PS3 version is 100% ported
  • Did the trial extension hurt FFXIV? (ZAM)
  • Did the trial extension hurt FFXIV?
  • Right of Passages are arriving